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For innocent people to survive attacks they need 'enough' bullets

To the editor,
Gun control advocates question why anyone objects to outlawing large capacity (more than 10 bullets) magazines. Some, who apparently watch too much TV, wonder why anyone needs more than one or two bullets.
I suggest these people visit a shooting range, watch or rent a gun. (I am sure they will help you. There is a shooting range in Belmont on Route 106.) It isn't that easy to hit a still target when you are under no pressure.
How many bullets are needed?
Many hunters have distant targets running through the forest or flying and changing directions rapidly. If you run out of bullets, you may just go hungry.
Personal defense is a totally different matter. Unless you want the innocent victims to be robbed, beaten, raped, murdered or otherwise harmed, then a person needs "enough" bullets to get the attacker to stop attacking.
Gun control people think civilians should only need a few bullets, but heavily trained and prepared law enforcement sometimes uses many bullets. Four New York City policemen shot 61 bullets at Amadou Diallo who was unarmed and trapped in a hallway. A retired FBI agent tells how he and two other agents fired over 80 shots at an armed criminal who shot back (apparently incoming bullets affects your aim).
Remember that when one or more criminals arrive, intended victims will be surprised. Criminals won't stand still while you aim. You will be afraid, you may be trying to hide your, perhaps terrified and clingy, children, you will be calling for help, the attacker may be yelling at you, threatening or perhaps shooting at you, and you won't want to shoot another person.
Recently a woman needed six shots to convince the man attacking her and her children to stop. Had the attacker been drugged or drunk or if there had been more than one attacker, perhaps with large capacity magazines that criminals will always be able to get, then the woman would have needed many more bullets.
This is why some women like guns like AR-15s which are light and can handle large capacity magazines holding the bullets that an intended victim, especially a woman, may need.
Approximately two-thirds of gun crime is in our 50 largest cities and is committed by gang members 11-19 years old. None of President Obama's proposals will affect any of this gun violence.
For innocent people and their family members to survive attacks with least harm, they need guns with "enough" bullets. "Enough" may be zero or hundreds. When the intended victim doesn't have "enough" bullets, then the police only get there in time to make chalk outlines.
Don Ewing
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