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Why keep ignoring the obvious solution? Pay-As-You-Throw

To the editor,
Why is the City of Laconia Council prolonging the inevitable and wasting my tax dollars? At the City Council meeting held on January 28, the Public Works Committee reported that they had discussed recycling options for the city to reduce the cost of disposal and increase the recycling tonnage that needs to be at the ideal amount of 30 percent.
At this meeting, Councilor Armand Bolduc stated that he feels the less impacting means would be to only pick up trash from a residence that has recycling out — less impacting for whom? If they put out a bucket with one aluminum can of recycling in it, you are still going to pick up the 40 bags of trash from the apartment building because you don't specify how much needs to be recycled, or if every apartment in a building must recycle to allow for the collection of rubbish.
Councilor Baer commented that Pay As You Throw would be an infringement and hardship on the poor and elderly. You don't just represent the elderly, councilor. You represent all of the people of Ward 4 and it's about time you started doing it. The elderly only represent a piece of your ward and the rest of us suffer because of your measures that are aimed to help your prime interest. This will actually help the elderly and drop their taxes if the council holds to the recommendations of the city manager and removes the amount saved from the taxable expenses.
Why do the councilors keep ignoring the obvious solution to the problem — Pay As You Throw! I am tired of paying for all of the apartment buildings in this city to have their rubbish picked up; I should only have to pay for what I put out at the curb. It is not my responsibility to subsidize the cost of doing business for a career landlord and its time this stops. I don't want to see my taxes continually rise because of those that can't seem to grasp the easy concept of two containers and moving your hand a few inches to take cost effective measures.
I know this letter will fall on deaf ears because half of our current council can't seem to accept progress and are stuck in the past, but maybe with some pressure from others they will be forced to get with the times — stop taking money out of my pocket without my permission.
Christopher Reynolds
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