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Will N.Y. & N.J. remember Ayotte's vote come vacation time?

To the editor,
Help for New York and Jersey — yes, there is, but no thanks to Kelly Ayotte who voted against helping our neighbors down south. She has no problem giving money for maintenance for a old military cemetery in the Philippines. A nice gesture but the people in N.Y. & N.J. are living and really needed the help. She might not realize it but every now and then we get hit with major storms and need help. Canada has always sent us help — usually electrical people who work for Hydro Quebec, that's the Northern Pass Company. Every time we need electrical help, they are there.
Other companies have sent us help too. Even the government gives us money when we REALLY need it. But the next time we need financial help I doubt if we will get much sympathy because of the callousness of Ayotte. I wonder if they will remember the next time they plan for vacations. Did you think of that Kelly? I will remember when election time rolls around next year and will vote Democratic or for a different GOP'er. Bye Kelly.
Jon Hoyt
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