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Facilitators are in groups to manipulate outcomes to their liking

To the editor,
I attended a public meeting at the Moultonboro Library on December 17, 2012. Representatives from Plan N.H. were giving their recommendations about fundamentally transforming a "Quaint Town into a socialist dream of a Livable, Walkable Community. I have heard it all in others towns across N.H. and in other states, especially in Portland, Oregon where there is a real divide in the state. One side has no homes, store, etc. and is a vast parcel of empty land. The other side is a clustered community of homes and businesses.
"Sustainable Communities" were created by the federal government via stimulus money given to all the states.The Granite State Future initiative is the New Hampshire version of an umbrella program directly connected to the "Sustainable Communities Initiative. The SCI is a federal, top-down program combining input from HUD, EPA and the DOT. Special- interest groups, called "stakeholders", have direct input into state policy. It's imperative to note that appointed, not elected, officials as well as outside special-interest
groups are the primary decision makers in the Granite State Future. New Hampshire state agencies that are staffed with unelected bureaucrats are at the core of decision making in GSF as well as pay-to play partners. The Delphi Technique is used at all their meeting they use for consensus in the towns.
By the way this Delphi method was used for the charrett that took place for two days in the simmer of 2012 in Moultonboro. Facilitators are in the group to manipulate the outcome in their direction, but the public is told it was their input that determined the result.
Branches under the GSF are HEAL, creates Walkable, Livable Communities, NH Listens, which is out of the Carsi Institute of UNH. We now have another listening program called the Lakes Region Listens. This stem of NH Listens has been into our school system with the Delphi technique, recently with the kindergarten issue in Winnisquam. The American Planning Association, which is an arm of the federal government and is also associated with SCI. Many community organizers, planning board member leaders and companies are included in this organization. The main purpose is to regulate land, air and water in our communities. The people who work for the APA say they are volunteers, but they are also "Stakeholders who will make money via the towns and cities in the forms of surveys, listening boxes and consensus meetings. One survey was done in Dover, NH by Hawk Enterprises,LLC, which charged the city $28,000-$30,000 for 9-10 consensus meetings conducted with the Delphi Method.
The Moultonboro session dated 12-17-2012 was given by Mr. Roger Hawk of Hawk Enterprises. He stated he was a volunteer for Plan NH, but he was also a past president. I think a conflict of interest resided at this meeting, because some of the people speaking were pay-to-play partners.The other speakers were a architect, real estate agent and a land planner. I listened to what Mr. Hawk and the four other people said; I did not interrupt or laugh at some of the pictures they were displaying, or the speeches. The communities were taken right out of a plan-book, with embellished homes with porches creating round-abouts, moving buildings and creating new roadways. Another aspect was the creation of a town water system and a septic system, which both would cost a large sum of money.
When the group had finished talking, Mr. Hawk asked the audience for questions. There were a lot of questions and statements; one man stood up and stated HUD would be involved with all the planning and would make the decisions exclusively without much input from the town. I finally raised my hand and stated that I have always been a frugal person, and due to the terrible economy, the fact that many people are down-sizing, therefore I could not understand where the money would come from, and I thought that their vision one and two (I called it Habitat one and two) were not in my common sense view and that towns and citizens could not afford the money. All of a sudden I was interrupted by a boisterous voice from the back of the room, calling me unmentionable names, I turned around and said he was rude young man. I continued to speak and I asked Mr. Hawk why he laughed at my statement concerning Habitat one and two. He responded it sounded funny. I do have to mention that I did not interrupt him or laugh and that I was very respectful to him. I do have to comment that he tried to marginalize my thoughts, which is a Delphi Technique.
After the meeting, I found out the boisterous man was a selectman/minister of the town of Moultonboro! Mr. Ed Charest then verbally attacked me as I was leaving and stated that "you hate America" — an unfounded statement. I stated to him that he did not know me. I did not know this man whose conduct was disgraceful. Our country's greatness is the fact that we have the 'First Amendment',which gives us the right to 'Free Speech". It is very unfortunate when an elected official, chooses to sensor that right. When he does do, he does a disservice to the community and the office he serves.
Rosemary Landry
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