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I ate it all & loved every minute of our evening at Local Eatery

To the editor,
This New Years' eve, my wife and I decided to try the new restaurant in Laconia located at Railroad square, called The Local Eatery. My daughter and son in law had been there a couple of times, and raved about the dining experience. So we dressed up, and off we went for our 7 p.m. reservations, not quite sure what to expect.
It was probably over two plus hours later that we attempted to move our overstuffed bodies to the door to make our way home, having had the single best dining experience we have encountered in a very long time. What is it, about this restaurant that made us feel so welcome, so much at home, yet there was nothing about the cuisine that was simple, or home cooked. We were seated at a table with a large picture window, overlooking the main square in downtown Laconia, with people nearby having their great time, yet it felt so private, so personal, yet part of something bigger. I will not confuse you with my inadequate descriptions of the specifics of the complete dinner we so thoroughly enjoyed. The soups alone kept me smiling as I devoured every bit of the Lobster Bisque, (the best I have ever had!), and the onion and squash samplers were equally spectacular. To follow it up with a delicious crab dish, then a tender mini beef tenderloin pot pie, and then a main dish of Lobster in three styles, was just completely overwhelming to my palate and my stomach. The melt in your mouth gingerbread and eggnog ice cream for dessert, was more than any human should have to endure after such a complete and satisfying meal, and dining experience. I must plead guilty, I ate it all and loved every minute of the evening, especially since I had such a beautiful and loving companion to spend it with, my wife Virginia!
Thank You to Kevin and Jillian Halligan for not only providing my wife and I with a great New Years Eve dining experience, but also for giving the Lakes Region a special change from the usual meal, and doing it with such a personal touch. My wife and I watched you grow up and are very proud of the way you have provided the downtown with two very quality, and needy business's. I give you five thumbs up!
Jim Babcock
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