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Government will ensure Fair Tax is never more than wishful thinking

To the editor,
Over a long time I've noticed that all reports about local, state, and national budgets and taxes refer to increases, but never decreases. Thus spending, and taxes to pay for it is always going up! With property tax as the major source of funding, we find that a single purchase of property leads to yearly increases in spending just to hold that property, and eventual loss of the property. There can't be any justification for such confiscatory taxation.
Income tax seems okay to some before they realize the problems. How to define "income", and why discourage productive income? Sales tax is another quick guess, with more problems than solutions. Kick them all around and eventually the only practical tax is a consumption tax, such as sales tax on fuel. But whatever or however you tax, it must be fair! Thus, was developed the Fair Tax, a one time consumption tax on newly manufactured items. That has been fairly well defined, but unfortunately for us, the poor taxpayer, all government prospers on WASTEFUL spending and constantly increasing spending. Go to the very bottom, the president, and you find no capability at anything except spending, while blaming it on everyone else. All the other government levels just fall in line at levels they can steal (tax) enough to keep them active. At times, we actually refer to some parts of government as "good", but only by comparison to the others.
Thus, we can expect the "Fair tax" to never be more than a good theory and wishful dreaming!
Jack Stephenson
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