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When the legislature is in session, freedom is at its greatest risk

To the editor,
The comments on global warming in your excellent paper on Jan. 2, 2013 reflect what's missing today in our state and federal legislatures, honesty and common sense. Thank you Mr. John Lukens Ph.D of Gilmanton Iron Works for your letter.
It is unfortunate today that we see the tail wagging the donkey and the elephant; both are clueless on wht works and what doesn't in our government. They tend to grasp dingbat agendas from the hands of those holding out the most funding.
I am not sure who said the following, but after living 75 years I know it is the truth: "When the legislature is in session freedom is at its greatest risk."
I have seen it trashed over and over, and its still going on. God help us.
Donald C. Poirer
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