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Take your Miranda rights with you to your next doctor’s visit

Letter to the editor,
You need to be 21 years old to purchase a true assault rifle, which would be an NFA taxed stamped select-fire Class III firearm capable of full auto function. Currently, media defined assault weapons could be just about any thing from a baseball bat to my grandmothers hat pin. Taking control of the situation ie: curbing the violence would require executing rapist and murders for a start, all the forgiveness in the world only teaches the next one there will be no serious consequences. As far as not having an iota of compassion, try growing up on a steady diet of Ritalin, then experiencing withdrawal at or prior to leaving high school. Methylphenidate in the brain is the same as that of cocaine, a child misdiagnosed with ADHD may be at risk of long lasting adverse effects to brain development. Take compassion and apply it to the over 3-million school age children that are being doped by the psychologists; read Ritalin Gone Wrong, By L. Alan Sroufe, NY Times. Compassion is innate to a degree; otherwise it's a learned emotion, either way it must be felt to begin with.
As to the 1st and 2nd Amendments in the constitution of the "United" States of America, one should keep in mind that states were guarded about surrendering their sovereignty. Read the 9th and 10th Amendments. The intention was never to establish a National Government capable of dictating our individual lives, with compassion or not.
Their concern was for the "states" right to defend its self within its borders; a state guard and police, county, city or town's police was a states concern and not that of the federal government. Of course all that has been changed, the Guard being Nationalized by "The Militia Act of 1903" (32 Stat. 775), known as the Dick Act. Without an amendment no less, and now all our police and sheriffs must comply subordinately to federal law.
Thankfully the Roberts' court has secured the individual's right recently. If anyone wonders why one might need to possess a gun it might be noted that it took the police of Newtown 20 minutes to respond to the school which was only two miles away; and that the shooter sat and awaited their arrival before he shot himself. The Sandy Hook school's front door was locked (it was shot open) the teachers were trained to hide and run.
Recently a woman protecting herself and daughters shot an intruder six times after he chased them to a third floor attic room, he left, got in his car and drove off (captured shortly there after); of course now the taxpayers will be paying to fix and repair the damage to him and give him a trail to which he will plead not guilty and serve little time in jail — an example of the right to self defense.
Additionally one might consider their "Miranda rights" speaking to doctors and other health care providers, or others government personnel as "President" Obama's 23 executive actions lifts all "unnecessary" legal barriers for making information available to federal agencies. Taking a pill for depression?
G.W. Brooks
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