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National database would make confiscation by tyrant too easy

To the editor,
After reading letters submitted by Nancy Parsons and Joe Laurendeau I felt it necessary to answer their questions.
I'll start with Ms. Parsons. First let me say that she really ought to educate herself on a subject before opining on it. In a free society you have all sorts of personalities and gun owners are no different. I have been handling firearms since I was six years old (I have pictures to prove it) and in the many years since I have met and in some cases befriended many gun owners from all levels of society and I have no recollection of any that I have had contact with that were not responsible when it came to gun safety.
As far as the 2nd Amendment is concerned she should read the writings of Thomas Jefferson and others to learn why they found the right to keep and bear arms important enough to make it number two. As far as trying to take it away, she apparently hasn't read any writings produced by the "Brady Bunch" and other gun control fanatics.
Yes, I personally do think that at this period of time when we have so many spoiled brats in our society who were never taught the meaning of "NO" That having armed personnel at schools will go a long way to protecting the children.
Moving on, Nancy, first of all a magazine is an inert object and doesn't have any velocity. Secondly, when are you uninformed people going to learn that assault rifles are fully automatic weapons available only to the military and law enforcement and people with class 3 licenses. I would suggest that you check into the rigorous procedures for acquiring a class 3 license. By the way, in none of these incidents was a true assault rifle used and, no Nancy, nobody hunts with these guns. As far as how many bullets do you need to protect yourself that would depend on how many people were trying to harm you. Maybe if you have six people trying to get into your home you have the power to ask five of them to wait their turn, I don't have that power.
Now to the NRA. I personally disagree with release of the game of which Nancy refers to just as I disagree with all of the violent video games that come from other sources. Apparently Nancy only has a problem with the NRA video. I also disagree with the ad involving the president's daughters, just as I disagreed with the president's use of children in his photo-op about gun control. Again, apparently Nancy is choosy about what she considers despicable. If Nancy looked into the workings of the NRA she would find that they, one of which is I, do a hell of a lot of good with their extensive firearms safety courses. I recommend Nancy attend one at some point.
I definitely don't approve of a national database as it would make the confiscation of all firearms easy for a tyrannical government (read 2nd Amendment) of our own or that of an invading foreign one. I consider myself a responsible gun owner and I find it insulting that Nancy assumes that I and other gun owners have no compassion. I suggest she make it a point to interact with gun owners and find out just how wrong she is.
Now to Joe Larendeau, all I will say is this," Joe, you need help which I can't give you from these pages."
Dave Schwotzer
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