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It was the liveral left that tried to fund mental health services

To the editor,
Since the November elections I have read many letters written by the same few people that consistently state mistruths or slanted views of the truth. It would seem they think that if they write something others will believe what they write. Do they not realize that many of us get information from a broad range of sources that actually give viewers/readers/listeners direct facts that are not slanted to present information the way they want with their own bias?
This past week there were letters that require comment, some were even printed twice.
Mr. Schwotzer, children certainly would have written those letters to the president. It is well known that school-age children routinely write letters to the president. Most school-age children were aware of what occurred in Newtown and it would be natural for them to write to President Obama, just like children wrote to President Bush after 9/11.
Mr. Knytych writes: if the liberal left truly cares about protecting people and saving our society then they will become engaged in the issue of how to identify and stop the people that want to go on mass killings sprees." Mr. Knytych, look at the votes that our elected officials have taken over the last few years relative to who supported and voted to fund and protect mental health and social services like drug and alcohol abuse prevention and treatment. In N.H. it was the liberal left who stood outside the Statehouse to protest cuts to these services that were stripped out of the last budget passed by the GOP-controlled House. Who were the people fighting for the services that identify and treat people with the mental issues and substance issues that mass killers routinely have — it was the liberal left, it was certainly not former Speaker O'Brien and the GOP majority who made sweeping cuts that impacted those in need of these services. Those on the left consistently say that there are multiple things to address — including mental health, substance abuse and, yes, guns. Perhaps your news source is not sharing their full statements.
Mr. Ewing's letter is so "beyond the pale" and void of common decency that he may want to forgo spending time writing letters to The Laconia Sun and instead write for the Rush Limbaugh show, where shock rather then rational, constructive thought is acceptable.
Mr. Schwotzer wrote another letter trying to convince writers that it is not just guns that kill. While that is true, fact is that the large majority of murders in the U.S. are a result of a firearm. Per the Wall Street Journal, between 2000 and 2010 in all U.S. states excluding FL (who does not report), there were 165,068 reported murders. Of those 111,289 (67 percent) were a result of death by a firearm. The next was 20,503 (12 percent) by knife. He also points that areas like Chicago and NY who have tough gun laws have high murder rates and no impact from the gun laws. From 2011 to 2012 New York's murder rate dropped by 19 percent so something is making a positive impact and officials there feel it is gun control. These cities also find that many of the guns in their cities are purchased in other states and brought in, which speaks to the benefit of national gun laws.
Mr. Schwotzer also wrote "Your president — the "your" is for you who voted for him – has no shame and will say and do anything in his power to bring this country to its knees". After reading letters over the last few months it is clear the letters from this same group of five or six individuals show they are the ones with no shame, they will say and do anything to bring down the image of our president. These writers often refer to our Constitutional rights and our democracy. Well we had a democratic election, the people in N.H. and the U.S. spoke and President Obama won by a significant electoral majority and a large popular vote majority. It is time to accept that and move on, surely we all have more productive things to do over the next three years.
Denise Doyle
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