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Taking all guns away is the ultimate goal of leftists in power

To the editor,
Here in Friday's letters, Nancy Parsons asks a few questions concerning the current gun debate going on. I'll be glad to try to answer them for her as best I can.
She asks, 1. What does "gun owners are responsible American citizens" mean? First Nancy, I'll clarify we are speaking of legal gun owners. These people are among the most law abiding segments of society. Less the 0.2 percent are involved in violent crimes according to FBI statics. That's clearly responsible.
2. Why haven't gun owners suggested viable options to lower violence? Gee Nancy, I guess you just haven't been listening or you have simply disregarded anything other then gun restriction laws which even the president admits would not have prevented the latest school shooting. Now for example, gun owners have suggested doing away with gun free zones because these attract psychos like magnets. And to your #3, yes, teachers or retired police officers in schools with guns are far more likely to prevent attacks there. Another suggestion is to take more of the nuts off the streets and put them in institutions where they can't hurt themselves or others. Another is to enforce existing gun laws, go after drug gang bangers in our cities by passing laws that the ACLU can't get liberal judges to overturn, releasing thousands of vicious criminals loose on society. There are plenty more too Nancy, though I'm doubtful you want to hear them.
4. Why do gun owners object to limits on "high velocity magazines"? The term you are looking for is high capacity, meaning holding a large numbers of rounds. The answer to that is because a number of scenarios an individual could encounter could be one of survival: A. Home invasion by a gang of armed criminals. B. Riots where hundreds out of control are looting and burning. C. Possibility of an economic collapse and the government being taken over by totalitarians.
5. No one is talking about taking all guns away. Well Nancy, we have seen Britain, Australia, Belgium and other nations abolish private ownership and it has been greeted with great approval here in the U.S. by many, if not most, of the anti-gun politicians and groups. To allude that "no one is talking about taking our guns away" is ridiculous. Just because you and they are carefully avoiding saying it out loud cannot hide the fact that it is the ultimate goal of those in power on the left. I will also add that each of those nations have seen huge per-capita increases in violent and general crimes. This is the same effect we see in gun control city's like Chicago, Washington, New York, and LA. Targeting legal gun owners instead of criminals never works Nancy.
I hope I've cleared up some of your questions.
Steve Earle
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