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This is not about politics, but about truth & character. Period.

To the editor,
Mr. Earle's most recent letter goes from the sublime to the ridiculous. He begins by making light of my reaction to his slanderous lies, in which he makes unsubstantiated accusations, attributed to me, with the intent to purposely undermine my integrity and call my character into question. He rationalizes his falsehoods by stating that I may not have made these statements, but "lumped" me in with a few other "leftists" who make these "claims". Then he states, "Maybe not, but he damn sure said some of the others ..." — what others? If we are to believe Earle's warped sense of logic, are we to accept, based on Earle's conservative views, that all conservatives contributing to this forum are prevaricators?
Rather than having a "meltdown" as he asserts, I find his attacks on me humorous and losing touch with reality. He whines about me calling his character and credibility into question, but has no qualms about maliciously misrepresenting my views.
Earle, in his tunnel vision, fails to see that this is not about politics, but about TRUTH and CHARACTER.
I'm sure that the correspondence between Earle and myself has provided readers of this forum with comic relief, but I agree with Mr. Baldwin — enough is enough! Earle may want to carry on, but this is my last letter in reference to this subject.
L. J. Siden
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