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Stop giving money to other countries & take care of Americans

To the editor,
Can someone explain to me why President Obama is saying we MUST raise HIS spending cap so we can pay our dictatorships bills? And Mr. President is unwilling to negotiate that issue with Congress! Yet President Obama continues to allow farm subsidies to be paid to millionaires every year. And President Obama allows oil companies to make billions of profit each year but many pay NO taxes? And the auto industry that collected billions of dollars in taxpayers money to avoid failure get special treatment on their taxes? President Obama says if the spending cap is NOT raised then things like Medicaid, Social Security, military paychecks wlll be withheld as well as other government programs! Will Congress not get their paychecks?
Then I read of Sen. John McCain on a committee that is trying to find a way to provide "New Aid to Cairo", Egypt to the tune of $480 MILLION additional funds. Now this money is to go to Egypt President Mohamed MORSI who once was a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood that is a very anti-Israel and anti-United States group. Newspaper articles say Morsi told Egyptians they should nurse their children on the "hatred for them, for Zionists, for Jews. They must be breast fed hatred". MORSI said the Zionists were PIGS and BLOODSUCKERS. Morsi also called President OBAMA of the U.S. of America a LIAR. Then low and behold he becomes president of Egypt and now the Taxpayers of America are sending him money! Remember how the U.S. supported Osama bin Laden with money and weapons before he turned on U.S. and destroyed Thousands of People in his attack on the Twin Towers and other fatal attacks around the world?
When will the PEOPLE be able to elect lawmakers who will stop worrying so much about giving money to other COUNTRIES before taking care of AMERICA and American taxpayers? It seems to be IMPOSSIBLE! Imagine what $480 MILLION DOLLARS they want to send to Egypt will do to help people of the United States of America!
Jim Martel
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