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Murderers shouldn't find easy victims in our nation's schools

To the editor,
Until recently I believed that "gun free zone" supporters were just misguided, blinded by their ideology to facts, history, and human nature. Then these anti-gun people demonstrated that they know that "gun free zones" are dangerous, that they invite criminals.
Various liberal journalists and commentators condemned gun owners and defended the identification of pistol permit holders in New York by "The Journal News".
"Citizens' Against Senseless Violence" approached "The Journal News" publisher, editors, columnists, and some other anti-gun commentators and asked them to demonstrate their anti-gun commitment by putting a sign in front of their house saying, "This Home is Proudly Gun Free."
No one would post the sign. One home owner even said that such a sign might be an "invitation to people with guns", other homes had armed guards.
Apparently these people, like me, have found no evidence that "gun free zones" save lives, and that what they actually do is invite criminals. This conclusion is supported by much experience including the high murder rates in our big cities with strict gun control laws, and in England with its nation-wide strict gun control laws which has a violent crime rate that is three and one-half times the U.S. rate.
President Obama and many rich "elites" send their children to schools with armed guards. But they force the children of the rest of us into school "gun free zones" which they know are a dangerous invitation to wannabe mass killers.
If President Obama really wanted to protect our children, he would start by eliminating "gun free zones" so murderers cannot be sure of finding easy victims in our schools, but he is not even considering this. Instead his actions will create more innocent victims, men, women, and children, by creating obstacles for law-abiding citizens who need guns to defend themselves from criminals... and President Obama is too intelligent not to know it.
Decide for yourselves why President Obama is willing to unnecessarily expose your family members to danger. Whatever his reason, President Obama's willingness to sacrifice law abiding Americans is reprehensible.
Don Ewing
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