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Explain why gun owners are opposed to assault weapon ban

To the editor,
I'm really confused by all the comments and letters that have been written regarding the gun issue. Perhaps some one can answer these questions for me.
1. All the letters I've read use the phrase "gun owners as responsible American citizens". Exactly what does that mean? They pay their bills, never been in trouble, never broken a law, work and pay taxes? However these responsible citizens then say they oppose national gun registration, mental health databases, background checks, etc. That's what I don't get. If you are so responsible why are you so concerned about having to comply with any of these conditions? Responsible people wouldn't have to worry would they?
2. And why is it that those who oppose all these conditions do not offer any viable solution to cut down on or curb the violence? Why do they think their 2nd Amendment right is more important then the 1st Amendment right of other people? 20 kids and 6 adults lost their 1st Amendment right. Doesn't that mean anything?
3. Do you honestly think that arming teachers and more people is going to have any positive affect on the violence?
4. And explain to me why gun owners, especially those who hunt, are so against an assault weapon ban or restrictions on high velocity magazines? These weapons are made to kill and nothing else. But no one would shoot a deer with one of these would they? If you are such a bad shot that you have to use more then two bullets to kill an animal or protect yourself then perhaps you shouldn't own a gun.
I am all for you owning guns under the 2nd Amendment and to date I have not heard anyone say they were going to take away that right. All I've heard is that people are proposing legislation making it harder for the wrong people to get guns. All I've heard is that people want to limit the amount of bullets you have in a magazine and limit sales of assault weapons. Assault weapons are for the military and police not for our streets. After all who needs a gun that shoots 30 bullets in less than a minute unless the main purpose is to kill. So when a person buys one of these do they ask themselves why, to protect themselves or simply to kill?
In the past week, the NRA has released a new game that they claimed even a 4-year-old could play. Really? How many parents would let their 4-year-old play this game or even want them to learn how to kill? And then they released a despicable advertisement calling the president an elitist because his two girls have security guards/protection while in school or elsewhere. Now any person with an active brain knows that all the presidents and their families have been allotted this protection (Democrat or Republican) because the minute the president takes office he, his wife and kids are targets for nutty people out there. Not only that but some crazy people would abduct those girls with the hope of ransoming them. I honestly hope that all the people who own guns do not approve of the recent actions of the NRA.
So, when answering these questions please tell me. Would a responsible gun owner really oppose a national database or some of the other methods to try to control violence? Some of these letter writer seem much more concerned with themselves and their rights and do not seem to even have an iota of compassion for what happened and I find that disturbing and sad. Nor do some even think it is worth the effort to try to take control of the situation and curb the violence. And that too is sad.
Nancy Parsons
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