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The current administration isn't converned about guns & violence

To the editor,
Why do we forget what history has taught us when it is most convenient to the agenda of our current politicians? As I remember from my college courses on the Constitution Of The United States, the document was composed at the time that the country had just fought for and won independence from the most tyrannical and anarchic government. Taking that scenario in mind it should be a given that the document was written to both move the country forward and make sure that it never returns to the methods of tyranny again. You would think by the way that today's politicians are attacking the amendments, especially bypassing the standard procedures of law dictated in the Constitution, that the amendments were just thrown on a dart board to choose which one to put first, second and so on. That just doesn't make sense. Free speech was considered the first "right" that would be taken from a free people in order to control them from a centralized government, therefore it was the First Amendment proposed and passed. Removing or limiting the tools for a population to defend their independence was considered the next step that would be taken. Therefore this was the second amendment. Today that amendment is being attacked full-on by the current administration and a large portion of our citizens who have little knowledge or regard for the Constitution.
When studying the Constitution it is necessary to understand the history of the period. When you do this you will know that in years 1776 – 1791 the typical "Arms" were comprised of; knives, bows and arrows, black powder muskets and pistols, mortars, cannons and war ships. The first leaders of our Republic were apparently much more intelligent than many who would follow, especially our current leaders, as they purposely left details out of the amendments. One of these details was the definition of "Arms" as they knew that this would change over time. The definition that is in the amendment is very clear and definitive, written in black on white... no gray areas found. If you were to put that amendment into today's terminology, "Arms" would translate to anything that would deter or eliminate someone whose intent is to take your rights, property and freedoms away from you.
If you do a bit more research into your U.S. history you will find that "Arms" were used in the 1700s by criminals of all sorts against all sorts of individual and groups of victims. Again to show our Forefathers superior intelligence, they refused to pass laws on controlling, limiting, removing from the public or even redefining "Arms" even though there were politicians that recommended these actions. Until our current Commander-in-Chief, no U.S. president has considered using executive orders in regards to the Second or any other Amendment as this would constitute an illegal act of making or changing law without the consent of Congress.
Now along comes some acts of violence involving guns that may be shocking but in reality they are minor in relation to the size of our population. The only reason that we see them as such a huge event that we need to attack the Constitution is that they are grand stand by the press for political agenda reasons. The masses that the press can reach and therefore persuade don't even know that more students were stabbed with knives than shot with guns in schools over the past year. The argument for restricting or removing ownership of guns from the public would be the same as if you told a U.S. solder that taking away their weapons during war would prevent the death and killing of war. Yet that is the same thing that the current legislation and many other politicians are in the mist of doing... restricting/removing all weapons from the citizens and saying it will solve the violence problems were guns are used. What too many Americans just don't see (mostly because it is not fed to them over the mainstream press) is that the current administration is not concerned with guns and violence. Their agenda is to remove the arms from the citizens and to do so with methods that bypass the legal constitutional check and balance and methods of changing law, thus laying the path for future changes at their will. In the mean time the populace is sitting back singing "Kum ba yah"...we're fat dumb and happy and our government would never do this to us in this modern age.
Actions like this shows that we have a large portion of our population that are uniformed or ignorant — not having the information, understanding or willingness to learn about the Unites States Constitution. At the same time we have enough people in positions of political power that are just plain stupid as they know the Constitution and laws yet ignore them as they go about changing our government away from an elected republic. This would put the United States in the fifth step of the sequence of the demise of a democracy, moving from abundance to complacency. Be careful! Steps 5 through 8 can happen really quick...
Dave Nix
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