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Robert Swartz (8-24) 274

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To the editor,
I have read with interest the news articles about Senator Forrester finally deciding she doesn't want to debate her opponent, Bob Lamb, after they had agreed to a series of debate forums. I wouldn't want to either after looking up her voting record online at gencourt.state.nh.us (clicked on Voting Records, then Senator Forrester's votes for 2011 and 2012.) I found it to be in many instances seemingly identical to the ALEC agenda-driven representatives now in control of our state Legislature. Do the names Colette Worsman, Bob Greemore, Harry Accornero and Robert Kingsbury come to mind?
Most concerning is Senator Forrester's vote to cut 48.4-million dollars (or half) of the University of New Hampshire's budget in one fell swoop effective, July 2011. (Read HB1 & HB2) Try paying your bills, meeting your payroll, feeding and clothing your family in the next six months with half the money you have now with little or no warning, no systematic downsizing over time, no planning for cuts, just do it and do it now!
And then there is the voucher bill (SB-372 now signed into law over the governor's veto) being touted by promoters as a, "School Choice," initiative. Good for businesses, bad for parents and students, bad for public education as we have known it in New Hampshire. In fact, over period of 3 to 5 years it could effectively dismantle public education in New Hampshire. Read the fine print and you may be as surprised as I was at what Senate Bill 372 does NOT spell out for parents interested in vouchers. Got your attention? I hope so for the sake of the students in New Hampshire.
Robert Swartz