Bob Meade (8-3) 184

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To the editor,
Our Democrat friends always seem to call for "civility" . . . and it seems like those calls always come after they have hurled outrageous and unfounded charges towards their opponents. Their call for civility is simply hiding behind a shield after their hit and run smears have been made.
Based on Senator Read's charges about Governor Romney's taxes, it appears that Democrats are willing to do anything they can to smear the governor. Why? Because it deflects from the issue of the president's inability to effectively manage his job. I think it's time for all people to demand that Senator Read identify his source, and that source (if there is one) be subject to proving his claims, under oath. The issue is beyond important as it may be that the current administration and/or Senator Read may be violating laws by illegally viewing IRS tax records.
At some point, elections always comes down to trust. Who do you put your faith in . . . the ones who resort to dishonest denigrating smears? Or do you choose those who are accurate in their representations?
Bob Meade