2 Sanbornton selectmen signed the SB-2 petition I circulated

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To the editor,

Voters of Sanbornton, I hope you will consider voting for SB-2 this May 8.

I circulated the SB2 petition to be put on as a Warrant Article. I believe SB-2 will allow more voters to participate in the decision making of the town and please keep in my mind that more voters are a good thing!

I have been chairman of the Sanbornton Budget Committee for several years and find that at Town Meeting often people vote for reasons that might make sense at that moment but when they get home and look further into it they find it wasn’t what they thought. With SB-2 you go to a deliberative session which is much like a regular town meeting you can make changes to the articles and hear the positions of the selectman as well as the Budget Committee and address any other concerns that voters may have.

Thirty days later in the voting both you decide and vote on the individual articles. These thirty days allow you to further research questions you might have had from the deliberative session, if you vote NO on an article; that line gets stuck with last years budget. If you are out of town or ill you can vote by absentee ballot. Today our lives have become very busy and this modernizes the system.

I and two other Budget Committee members signed the petition for SB-2 as well as two of our selectman.

As taxpayers and citizens of Sanbornton, we sincerely believe SB-2 would be an improvement in town government!

Earl Leighton, Jr.