Bob Meade - Planned Parenhood: A government funded oxymoron

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Back in the early 1920s, Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger was promoting Eugenics as a way to improve the human race. Eugenics is the belief that the race can be purified by sterilizing or otherwise ridding the population of people who have some genetic defect. The Chancellor of Germany, who wreaked havoc on Europe in the 30s and 40s, and who caused the murder of over six million Jews, shared in that opinion.

By definition, an "oxymoron" is a contradictory term. One would think that the term "Planned Parenthood" would indicate an organization dedicated to helping people understand how to plan a family. Nature has instilled in every living creature the desire to mate. Without that desire, life forms as we know them would have ceased to exist long ago. If Planned Parenthood were truly devoted to "life", their time would be spent teaching young men and women things such as how to reasonably measure the chances that a woman is in a fertile state, what foods and drink should be consumed or avoided when the woman is pregnant, what exercises are helpful, what changes in the body are to be expected and what is normal or abnormal, and so on.

In teaching about family "planning", one would think that Planned Parenthood could also provide a variety of instructions, to both men and women, on how to avoid becoming pregnant. Such as, abstenance is not a life sentence, it's a temporary condition. For some, their family planning might include instructions on contraceptive options for either or both partners. It would seem that if a couple really wants help in "planning for parenthood", these steps would be commonplace.

That leads us to the "oxymoron issue". Planned Parenthood annually provides about one third of all abortions that occur in the United States. That is about 350,000 of the over one million babies that have been aborted in this country, every single year since the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, have been done by that organization. Is planning to abort "family planning", or is it a sad answer to having failed to plan?

Money is "fungible" . . . it can be used for any number of things. If you receive a gift of money to buy a new sweater or blouse, you may decide to use that money to get an oil change for your automobile . . . because money is fungible. The Congressional Hyde Amendment, authored by the late Illinois Congressman Henry Hyde and enacted into law in 1977, prevents the use of federal funds for abortions. Countless pro-abortion activist organizations have railed against this amendment ever since, calling for it to be removed, even though money's fungibility virtually makes the issue moot.

In the case of Planned Parenthood, the Federal government grant to them in 2013 was slightly more that $540 million, which amounted to 45 percent of the organizations $1.2 billion budget for the year. Think of fungibility, and the over 350,000 abortions in this country that are performed by Planned Parenthood every year. Yet, Planned Parenthood disingenuously claims that only 3 percent of its activity is for abortion services. That organization equates a clerk answering a question, or a referral to a doctor, or some such thing, as having the same weight as a baby being aborted. The fact that they would be so devious in misrepresenting the weighting of the different functions is outrageous. In their terms, they're claiming that Planned Parenthood's performing of over ten million mostly administrative functions are each comparable to the termination of life for about 350,000 unborn children. Outrageous!

The leader of this country's Chamber of Commerce recently stated, "Demographics is destiny". He is correct. What he didn't say though, is that we have the ability to control demographics as we choose to birth or to abort. Since Roe v. Wade, we have denied citizenship to over fifty million people. Social systems have been built here and around the world that are dependent on positive birth rates to survive, and as those birth rates diminish, so too does society flounder. In addition to the demise of the social structures, how many of those who have been and are yet to be aborted would have had the skills and abilities to find the cures for debilitating diseases . . . alzheimers, cancers, multiple sclerosis, and on, and on. Was the next Bill Gates the expendable price for a night of pleasure? Or a Jonas Salk? Or a Luciano Pavroti. How much potential brilliance went into the disposal?

We now have people arguing over whether or not poverty is the result of single parenting, as we mistakenly replace the value of marriage with a trust in government to make our boo-boo's all better. And, we have people pleading for votes for candidates based on the candidates willingness to abort the defenseless child. Look back at our history. This country was built on hard work, strong family units, and morality. Respect and religion went hand in hand. Now we eschew those things based on empty political promises and people ask us to vote for politicians based on their willingness to literally, throw the unborn under the proverbial bus.

Yes, demographics is destiny and right now . . . it's not looking too good.

(Bob Meade is a Laconia resident.)