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Bob Meade - Drip, drip, drip

When did sovereignty become a bad thing? Or undesirable? Or not to be protected? Each of us is sovereign, and our nation and others are sovereign. Sovereign translates to "independent", which is essential to a free people. If our government decides to, essentially, let our national sovereignty lapse, can our individual sovereignty/freedom be far behind?
Who decided to ignore our established boundaries? Who decided not to enforce duly enacted laws? Who decided to start penalizing those who follow the rules and begin rewarding those who don't? Who decided it was okay to court those who violate our immigration rules? It seems like we can fill the page with those questions, but perhaps the most important one is, why have we, the people, allowed it to happen?
It seems like we, the people, are being led like sheep. Instead of following the Constitution, or duly enacted laws, or past precedents of the courts, we nod our heads in acceptance of some commentator's or some politician's feel good suggestions. Who needs a law when what we want to do feels like it's right? Is political correctness the answer to everything?
The essence of management is to prevent things from happening that you don't want to happen. Using our sovereignty example, are you willing to give up your sovereignty, your freedom? Do you think our nation should have open borders and allow any and all people to come in? If you do, should they receive all the benefits of native born citizens? If you answered no to any of those questions, you are thinking like a manager. Now the question becomes, how do you prevent those undesired things from happening?
And what of other things that you don't want to happen. For example, do you want the federal government to continue to assume the powers the Constitution left to the states? Do you believe the government has the right to absolve people, in advance, of their personal responsibility? Do you believe the executive branch has the authority to tell grocery stores they must label extensive dietary information on things like salads or other prepared foods? Even if the deli makes you a sandwich? Do you believe that without enacting a duly passed law, the government should have the ability to put a grocer in jail and/or impose a fine for failing to properly label that salad or sandwich? Do you believe it is not the duty of the government to dictate what food you can eat and drink, that such decisions are yours to make?
These things chip away at our freedoms. We become observers as our sovereignty, our independence gives way to federal dictates. We watch as the Constitution is ignored or bypassed. Our leaders substitute political correctness, feel good decisions, in place of the rigor required to affect change as put forth in the constitutional process. Ad hoc government! And we, the people, ignore the shredding of the documents that placed the power of government in we, the people.
We have not seen our liberties snatched from us in one giant grab. What we have seen, and are undergoing, is more akin to what has been called, Chinese water torture. That is when drops of water are continually dripped on a person's forehead, with the frequency of the drip being varied, sometimes slower, sometimes faster. Such is the case with our liberties, our freedoms, our sovereignty. A continuing drip that gradually takes away what for centuries has been determined to be our unalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
The government dictates what children must be fed in their school cafeterias. No matter that substantial amounts of that food is emptied into the trash because the students don't like it and refuse to eat it. And, the government has gone so far as to take away from students the lunches prepared for them by their mothers, because the government decided they didn't have the proper nutritional value. Even soda! The government (NYC Mayor Bloomberg) decided that merchants could not sell carbonated beverages that were more than 16 ounces. How far into our lives, our decisions, will we allow the government to tread?
And we have the government imposing its "humanism" into religious individuals and institutions, not by the passage of a Constitutional Amendment or a duly enacted law, but by allowing cabinet departments to write regulations that are a finger in the eye of the First Amendment. Instead of our unalienable rights being protected by the Bill of Rights, we see the government ignoring the Constitution and our individual sovereignty, and disrespecting the separation of powers and the rigors of the legislative process.
Stop the drip, drip, drip, before it's too late.
(Bob Meade is a resident of Laconia.)
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