30 overdoses reported in Laconia last month


LACONIA — Firefighters responded to 30 drug overdoses in August as the city’s problem of opioid abuse continues to put lives at risk, Fire Chief Ken Erickson said Friday.

None of the cases were fatal.

First responders administer naloxone, also called Narcan, to reverse the effects of an overdose. But this treatment is most effective immediately after an overdose. Lasting medical complications may arise if a person overdoses and is unconscious for longer periods.

“Even if we administer Narcan to reverse opioids, after more than five or six minutes, there can be significant damage to the brain and heart muscle,” he said. “We have a pretty remarkable save rate but we’re not going to be able to save everybody.”

Laconia Police Chief Matt Canfield said drug-related problems in the city and the state are as bad as he has seen them in his 20 years in law enforcement. There were 20 drug overdoses in Laconia in July.

There have been at least 187 drug deaths statewide so far this year, according to the New Hampshire attorney general’s office. It did not have a city-by-city breakdown. The state ranks second nationally for per capita deaths due to drug overdose at 34.2 per 100,000.

Overall, the Laconia Fire Department responded to 446 incidents in August, up from 436 last year and 285 in August 2010.

Erickson said 73 percent of those calls were for ambulance service, and 45 of those calls were for high-risk patients.

There were also four building fires, including one at the Laconia Waste Transfer Station, a blaze that did more than $100,000 damage.

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Laconia police log 8/22-9/3, 2017

LACONIA — Police handled 964 calls for service from Aug. 22 through Sept. 4, including 25 thefts, three assaults and three drunken driving incidents. They made 26 arrests.

Aug. 22: William Brown, 34, of 123 Merrimac St., on a charge of driving under the influence.

Aug. 23: Wayne Eric Otis, 50, a transient, on a bench warrant; Chad Brooks, 20, of 20 Jewett St., Apt. 3, on bench warrants; Katrina R. Emans, 20, of 16 Varney Court, Apt. 1, on a warrant; Nicole A. Manley, 35, of 24 Province St., on a warrant; Stephanie M. Hough, 35, a transient, on bench warrants.

Aug. 24: Antonio J. Perillo, 21, of 19 Pasture Drive, Franklin, on a charge of driving under the influence.

Aug. 25: Ankhzaya Khishigbaatar, 19, of 177 Mentor Ave., on a charge of willful concealment.

Aug. 26: John Siemanowicz, 41, of 29 Applecrest Lane, Andover, on a charge of driving under the influence; Steven R. Fereshetian, 58, on a charge of criminal trespass.

Aug. 27: Jeanette A. Keniston, 26, of 271 Cedar St., Apt. 4, Manchester, on a bench warrant.

Aug. 29: Deborah Sterl, 53, a transient, on a bench warrant.

Aug. 30: Mary Winifred, 34, of 22 Puckerbrush Road, Campton, on a warrant; Luke John McNeil, 34, of 2 Puckerbrush Road, Campton, on a warrant; Steven R. Fereshetian Jr., 27, on a charge of driving after suspension; Jameson P. Cyr, 46, on a charge of domestic violence (violation of protective order).

Aug. 31: Hector Manuel Albelo, 31, a transient, on bench warrants.

Sept. 1: Valerie A. Thurber, 46, of 192 Union Ave., Apartment 4, on a charge of criminal trespass; Timiah Wilkins, 20, of 21 Federal St., Concord, on a bench warrant; Brandon Lee Alger, 21, of 55 Jefferson St., Apt. 1, on a bench warrant, Rachael L. Mount, 40, of 2 Center Street, Apartment, 1, on warrants.

Sept. 2: Dakkota James Fabroski, 18, of 35 Sandra Drive, Bridgewater, on a charge of violating driver's license prohibitions.

Sept. 3: Nicholas Alexander, 18, of 24 Walnut Street, Apartment 3, on charges of operating without a valid license.

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Bridge work begins

09 08 bridge work

Workers from the New Hampshire Department of Transportation started work Thursday on the bridge over Routes 3 and 11 in Gilford, one of 16 bridges in the state which is on the department's "red list" of bridges whose decks are in poor condition. A contract to install protecive shielding underneath the 16 bridges will be put out to bid this fall. (Roger Amsen/Laconia Daily Sun)



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