Man suspected in string of burglaries in Gilford


GILFORD — A local man who police say is transient is being held on $1,000 cash-only bail for one count of receiving stolen property.

Gilford Police said Monday that Zachary Gouette, whose last known official address was in Meredith, is also a suspect in three additional home burglaries this month that are within a quarter mile of the home where he was staying on 12 Breton Road.

Affidavits obtained from the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division, said police received a call from a homeowner at 10:58 p.m. Friday reporting that he had some items stolen from a home on Lake Shore Road near where Gouette was staying with friends. A police dog traced the scent back to 12 Breton Road.

Police were approached on Saturday morning by a woman who lives nearby and who told them her daughter had been letting Gouette stay with them. She and her daughter told them they found some things in the house that didn't belong to them, one of which was a small bank-like cash register that had been reported stolen as the most recent burglary.

They also told police that they hadn't been sleeping in the home for a few days because there was no electricity and that on the night of May 13, Gouette told them he was staying at the Landmark. They told police this was weird because he told them he didn't have any money.

Affidavits said they were able to recover some information from a cell phone belonging to one of the women that Gouette was using and, along with other physical evidence, arrested Gouette on Saturday in Laconia while he was working.

Police said they expect to charge Gouette with three additional burglaries that took place on May 2, 6 and 7.

During his video appearance in the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia District, Gilford Prosecutor Eric Bredbury said Gouette is on probation and is being held on a temporary hold. He asked for $2,000 cash bail.

Public Defender Justin Littlefield said Gouette has tested negative for any drugs during his probation time, said he has a job in a restaurant in Laconia, and should be released on personal recognizance bail with any restrictive conditions the court decided he needed.

Judge Michael Garner ordered Gouette held on $1,000 cash bail. He said no to Bredbury's request for a source-of-funds hearing.

Belmont man wanted by three towns arrested over weekend


LACONIA — A Belmont man is in hot water with three separate police departments for a string of alleged crimes that occurred over the past 60 days and that include possession of narcotics with the intent to sell them, shoplifting and resisting arrest.

According to paperwork obtained from the 4th Circuit Court, Joshua Levesque, 27, of 12 Country Side Circle, first ran into trouble when on March 31 and April 1 he allegedly misrepresented a computer code to pay less for some things he was purchasing at Walmart in Gilford.

Laconia Police charged him with two Class B felony thefts because Levesque has an extensive criminal record and the new charges would be repeat offenses. He was released on $200 cash.

On or about April 30 at 3:30 a.m., court documents said Levesque was driving on Union Road in Belmont when an on duty officer clocked him for speeding. He recognized Levesque as someone who the Tilton Police were seeking for multiple crimes. The charges from Tilton stemmed from an incident at Walmart.

The officer said Levesque was very reluctant to get out of his car and kept making furtive moves toward a pocket in his jacket. As police were removing him from the car, he put up a brief struggle with the Belmont officer as well as other responding police from Northfield and Laconia. Levesque was taken to Tilton by the Northfield officer but not before police noticed two $50 bills, a needle cap, and a bag of rubber bands mixed in with some debris that fell from front seat of his car.

After getting him under arrest, Levesque's car began to roll backwards toward the officer's cruiser as he had left it in gear. When the Belmont officer reached in to grab the hand brake, he saw a second needle cap near the shift handle.

Police towed the car to the Belmont Police Station, sealed it and, applied for a search warrant. Later that afternoon, police obtained a search warrant from a judge in Claremont. In a backpack, police found a locked box that contained methamphetamine, marijuana, Suboxone strips and nine pills of alprazolam.

Police also found a ledger with multiple entries in the back seat of the car, a total of $2,043 in cash, two empty bags with white residue, two capped needles and a black mobile phone, which police said registered 33 new text messages and 17 missed calls.
On May 14 at 4 p.m., Belmont Police received a look out alert for Levesque because he had allegedly fled from Gilford's Walmart after a theft.

Police spotted his car on Brown Hill Road headed toward Route 107 but as they responded, they noticed the car on the side of the road. Belmont, Gilmanton and the New Hampshire State Police formed a perimeter around the area after a resident reported a suspicious man had just run through his yard.

Two Belmont officers spotted him and he allegedly ran from them, for which he was charged with resisting arrest.

Prosecutors from Laconia and Belmont argued for high cash bail because Levesque has convictions from 2010 for burglary and felony level theft. Judge Michael Garner set bail at a total of $3,000 cash only.

Glendale Marine Patrol building taking shape, should open in fall


GILFORD — After a nearly year-long construction period, the new Marine Patrol Headquarters building is scheduled to be completed in early October.

The new Glendale headquarters will go from a 1960s block cement building to a two-story, 32,000-square-foot building on the same footprint as the old one, which is roughly the area formerly occupied by Goodhue's Boat Yard.

The building, said Sgt. Crystal McLain, will provide the Marine Patrol the ability to store and work on their boats, additional parking, a boat registration area, and training and administrative office space.

Gilford Town Administrator Scott Dunn said the Glendale docks will still have the same amount of parking for Gilford residents but the traffic pattern from the upper parking lot to the lower parking lot will be reversed.

During the rollout of the construction plans in February 2015, Marine Patrol Capt. Tim Dunleavy said once construction is complete, the agency will no longer need to store impounded boats, broken buoys or other lake debris outside of the building.

Additionally, some work has been done to better storm water management.

The legislature appropriated $9,279,313 for the project in the 2013-2015 capital budget.

05-17 Marine Patrol

Construction on the 32,000-square-foot Marine Patrol building continues apace with a scheduled completion date in October. (Laconia Daily Sun Photo – Gail Ober)