Gilford man faces rape charge, defense says story was made up


LACONIA — A rape trial for a Gilford man began Tuesday with the Belknap County Assistant Attorney Adam Wood telling the jury in his opening argument that Carroll Thompson pried open the legs of his victim and used his weight to hold her down while he assaulted her.

Wood described Thompson, 45, for the five-man and nine-woman jury as a "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" type of person and that his alleged victim saw the controlling, manipulative side of him when he raped her in front of their 3-year-old daughter.

Defense Attorney Eric Wolpin said the stakes are huge between Thompson and his alleged victim because she was a heroin user, while he was trying to get custody of the child so he and his daughter could live with his mother in Gilford.

He said the victim claimed Thompson raped her because she wanted to leave him, return to Concord, and keep custody of their child.

Both sides agreed the relationship was troubled and turbulent and that the two fought regularly.

Wood said the woman tried to run away last January, but that Thompson dragged her back inside. He said she called for their neighbor, who came over with his son, and that the neighbor's son took the child away.

He said the neighbor would testify that he found the alleged victim cowering on the ground and that she called police. In defense of Thompson, Wolpin said Thompson was inside the home and told the jury that the physical evidence would include semen because the two had had consensual sex earlier in the day. He said the emergency room nurse was told by the woman that she was "brutally assaulted" but will testify that there were no marks her except for one spot on her head that wasn't sore to the touch.

Wolpin said the alleged victim fabricated the rape story because she knew Thompson couldn't get custody of the child if he was incarcerated. He said she packed her suitcase in January and told Thompson she and the child were leaving. When Thompson objected, she ran outside and began screaming, said Wolpin.

The trial is scheduled to last two more days.

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Man arrested after three-town chase abandons car and puppy


SANBORNTON — A Franklin man who led police from three communities on a chase Friday through Sanbornton, Franklin, New Hampton and Tilton abandoned his car and a puppy before being apprehended by Tilton Police.

12-07 Mark FullerLt. Kevin McIntosh said Mark Fuller, 33, of Franklin faces once count of driving after being deemed a habitual offender.

McIntosh said the incident began on Dec. 2 at 6 p.m. When a Sanbornton officer on routine patrol saw a 2001 Honda speed away from the Sanbornton Village Store, cutting off a car.

He said police followed the car and it accelerated to about 62 mph and passed several vehicles on New Hampton Road and then turned onto Babbit Road in Franklin.

The car wouldn't stop on Sanborn Street in Franklin and eventually turned down a Class XI road and the officer lost sight of him. Not long after, police located the abandoned car with a puppy left inside.

Sanbornton, Franklin and Tilton police, with the assistance of the State Police, surrounded the area and a State Police K-9 led them to Calef Hill Road and to Fuller.

Fuller was charged with possession of drugs by Tilton Police and possibly faces additional charges as the investigation continues.

Police found the three other passengers at Smitty's Cinema in Tilton. They were questioned in Franklin and released.

12-07 fuller car

This car was abandoned in Tilton, along with a puppy, on Friday. Mark Fuller, 33, of Franklin, is charged with fleeing from police. (Courtesy Sanbornton Police)

Man charged in home invasion released from jail, re-arrested


LACONIA — One of two local men arrested over the summer for a home invasion on Church Street and inadvertently released from jail was re-arrested by Laconia Police over the weekend after he failed to show up for his court date.

Belknap County Melissa Guldbrandsen said Zachary Estevez, 19, of Laconia and Ryan Chase, 21, of Moultonborough were both arrested in early August and each charged with one count of robbery and one count of burglary.

Both were being held on high cash bail.

However, said Guldbransen, under the new way Belknap County Superior Court processes criminal complaints, the prosecutor's office has two months or two grand jury sessions, whichever is less, to indict someone who is incarcerated or to negotiate a resolution.

In the case of Estevez, Guldbrandsen said she had her indictment ready but learned he had been automatically released from jail by the system.

"I didn't know about it for a week," she said, adding that she accepts full responsibility for his inadvertent release.

In Chase's case, he had agreed to serve 12 months for burglary and he turned himself in and accepted his sentence.

In Estevez's case, he was indicted but failed to show up for his court date. A warrant was issued and he was arrested over this past weekend.

He is being held on $50,000 cash only bail or $100,000 corporate surety.

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