Man charged with rape questions use of confidential informant


LACONIA — A local man charged with rape, whose bail was revoked due to his alleged sale of a single suboxone strip to a city police confidential informant, is questioning whether that informant is one of the people scheduled to testify against him in his rape trial.

The court has already denied a previous request from Randy Nadeau, 33, formerly of 153 Union Ave., who had asked for the identity of the informant for the purposes of bail revocation only.

Now Nadeau has filed a second request to  the court for the information, saying that if the informant is a witness in the upcoming trial, he has reason to question her motive for reporting he raped her daughter and for setting up the drug sale just to keep him in jail.

"If the state is willing to put it on the record that the confidential informant is not (a key witness) I will withdraw my motion," said his attorney, Eric Wolpin, Monday during the court hearing.

Nadeau was indicted by a Belknap County grand jury on six counts of sexual assault, alleging he had improper contact with a girl whose age was under 13.
He was ordered held on $5,000 cash bail, which he posted. As part of his bail agreement, he was ordered to stay away from his alleged victim, that he remain free of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs, and that he avoid any negative contact with the police.

Because of the alleged sale of suboxone to the informant, Nadeau was sent back to jail with a no-bail status. His trial for the alleged sexual assaults is scheduled to begin in two weeks.

According to the most recently filed motion, the sexual assault complaint against Nadeau was filed shortly after his ex-girlfriend and the mother of the alleged victim learned he was seeing someone else. Her report to police said she and Nadeau were arguing and he left with another woman. The mother said that after Nadeau left the home, the victim told her about the alleged assaults.

The girl was interviewed by professionals at the Child Advocacy Center who determined she was allegedly sexually touched approximately once a year over a four-year time span.

"The defense has significant concerns that the (informant) who allegedly set up the drug deal is the same person who initially made the (sexual assault) report to the police," wrote Wolpin, adding she had motive to falsely accuse Nadeau and have her daughter do the same thing.

He said that if the mother was the person who set up the alleged sale of the suboxone, then her vested interest would cast a shadow on the motive and truthfulness as a witness.

Prosecutor Adam Wood said that the alleged sale of suboxone took place six months after the rape accusation so there was no motive on the part of the alleged victim's mother.

Wood told the court that he would not reveal the informant, but said that Wolpin's motion is, in effect, creating a "trial within a trial" and he doesn't see the relevance of it.

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T-intersection proposed for Potter Hill Road


GILFORD — After viewing Potter Hill Road as a board, selectmen decided last week that the town should create a T-intersection at the Cherry Valley Road intersection and fix the drainage along the steep side of the road.

What the board has yet to decide is whether the town will remove the the pavement along the steep side of the road and return it to gravel.

Public Works Director Peter Nourse said Tuesday that his goal is to make Potter Hill Road safer and had originally planned to rebuild it and repave it in 2017 at an estimated cost of $250,000.

He said the $250,000 didn't include the T-intersection.

Selectmen are reconsidering the entire project because the residents of Potter Hill came to them and said they don't want the road rebuilt in 2017 because once the pavement is smoother, people we drive even faster along the road than they do now.

Speaking for the residents, Gary Kiedaisch told the board about two months ago he would be just fine if the existing pavement were to crumble into gravel and stay that way.

Nourse said he walked the steep section that leads to Cherry Valley Road Tuesday with Busby Construction Company engineers who will design a plan for a T-intersection and drainage so he can report back to the selectmen.

He said there is also the possibility that some of the road near the top will be excavated so people don't have a big lip down to access some of their driveways and barns.

Nourse said he hopes to have some solid numbers to report to the board at one of its upcoming meetings.

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Man who allegedly beat another in apartment being held on $5,000

LACONIA — A Tilton Street man who allegedly broke down the door of a Dixon Street man's apartment, beat him and stole his cellphone early Wednesday morning is being held on $5,000 cash or $10,000 corporate surety.

Jeremiah J. Brewer, 32, of 23 Tilton Ave. is charged with one count of burglary, one count of second-degree assault and one count of robbery.

Police affidavits said that shortly after midnight Brewer and his friend Venise Lyons, 26, of Concord went to the victim's apartment about an iPad Lyons believed the victim stole from her. The victim was able to identify both of them.

When no one answered the door, Brewer allegedly broke it in two with his foot and assaulted him. The victim told police Brewer punched and kicked him until he went to the floor. After he went down, he told police Brewer choked him and hit him in the head with a skateboard and a box fan.

Police said they observed that the door was broken such that the top part was held by its hinge and the bottom part was pushed into the apartment from the stairwell.

Police said the victim has abrasions to his right arm and torso.

Brewer and Lyons were spotted by a city police officer at 1:43 a.m. in the parking lot at Cumberland Farms on Court Street.

Brewer was taken into custody and Lyons was taken to the police station where she made a statement that she and Brewer went to the apartment and that he kicked open the door. She said the two of them assaulted the victim.

Lyons, according to the Laconia Police log, is charged with one count of simple assault.

– Gail Ober

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