Belmont teen sets off alarms at middle and high schools (148).

BELMONT — Police have arrested a 16-year-old boy who allegedly entered the middle school and high school over the weekend.

On Saturday, police were notified by the high school's alarm system that someone had entered the building. When they got there, the noticed the alarm panel was damaged.

Police searched each room of the school but found no one. A review of a surveillance tape with the help of school administrators the next day, showed someone walking along the halls and triggering the motion sensors.

While investigating, police determined someone entered the middle school and set off the alarms there. Police said entry was possibly made through a window.

Middle school surveillance tape was reviewed and juvenile police officers were able to identify a 16-year-old, who was interviewed and identified as the trespasser in both cases.

The youth is charged with multiple counts of trespassing and criminal trespassing.

– Gail Ober

Work Out World Redux? - Steven Borgi wants to open fitness center at city parking garage


LACONIA — Steven Borghi of Alton, whose plans to open a fitness center beneath the downtown parking garage in 2008 foundered amid dissension with his partners, has renewed his effort to purchase the property and open Work Out World Laconia.

"I'd like finish what I was trying to do before," Borghi said Monday. He said that the 24,000-square-foot building, which has most recently housed the Grace Capital Church, is 90 percent suited for conversion to a fitness center. He said that the locker rooms and showers have been installed and, apart from removing walls raised by the church to create offices, little construction is required.There will be space for cardiovascular machines, free weight lifting and an aerobic studio, along with rooms for child care and a tanning salon.

In September 2008, Borghi, who then owned more than 30 Work Out World fitness centers throughout the county, first purchased the property in partnership with Daniel Di Sangro of Roslindale, Massachusetts; Joanne DiSangro of Needham, Massachusetts; and Gabrielle Susi of Canton, Massachusetts; together doing business as Downtown Crossing LLC and Downtown Fitness LLC.

Borghi began advertising for memberships for Work Out World Laconia in November 2008 in advance of a scheduled opening in January. However, when the center failed to open, the New Hampshire Attorney General began receiving complaints from those who paid for memberships. In May 2009, Borghi was charged with two misdemeanor and two felony violations of the Consumer Protection Act. Borghi pleaded guilty in August and was given a 30-day suspended sentence and ordered to refund 240 memberships while Downtown Fitness LLC was fined $15,000.

Meanwhile, Borghi's partners, the DiSangros and Susi, filed suit against him, alleging he misappropriated funds for his personal use. Downtown Crossing LLC and Downtown Fitness LLC were placed in receivership in July and a month later creditors were informed that since Work Out World Laconia had outstanding debts of more than $100,000 and no source of income they would not be paid what they were owed.

In February 2010, the partners reached a settlement of the lawsuit resting on what Borghi called at the time an "exchange of assets." Borghi left the partnership and paid an undisclosed of money. The DiSangros ultimately acquired the property, which they have now agreed to sell to Borghi.

Along with the space intended for the fitness center, Borghi also intends to acquire the other six commercial units in the complex as well as the parking spaces on the ground floor of the parking garage. Originally 36 spaces on the second and third levels of the parking garage along with the southernmost stairwell were also privately owned by Downtown Crossing LLC. However, Di Sangro accepted the city's offer to purchase these elements of the parking garage for $1 and entered a binding purchase and sales agreement to that effect. Consequently, when the transaction closes, the city will own the entire parking garage with no obligation to maintain it to ensure access to the privately owned parking spaces.

Woman rescued after fall through Tilton dam


TILTON — A local woman has three Belmont men and a local fire captain to thank for coming to her rescue after she tipped her kayak and was swept down the Winnipesaukee River Sunday afternoon over the Clement Dam.

Tilton-Northfield Fire Chief Mike Sitar said Monday she had been hanging onto a branch after being tossed from the kayak, but lost her grip and slipped through the dam, plunging to the other side.

"I guess the drop is about 15 to 20 feet," said Sitar, adding that the dam was open and there were a lot of rocks at the bottom of her fall.

He said first responders tried to help the woman by using throwing a life-saving device, and Capt. David Hall commandeered a kayak, but was eventually also swept down river, falling on to the rocks below.

While Hall was able to get to the shore without assistance, three Belmont men, brothers Trevor and Tylor Bouchard and their friend Tyler Zinkand raced down the river on foot as the woman went through the dam.

Sitar said Trevor Bouchard found the woman downstream and was able to pull her to shore, where she was assisted by the two others. Members of the Swift Water Rescue Team met them at the shore and carried the woman to an ambulance.

Sitar said he was very grateful to the three men who assisted her but said its not always a great idea for untrained people to go into the water to help people in distress.

Sitar said there has been some construction at the dam and the fence that normally stops people and things from going through the sluice way was not there.

06-28 Tilton - Clement Dam

A kayaker who was tossed from her boat went through this hole in the dam gate on the Winnipesaukee River Sunday afternoon. A rescuer also fell through the hole. Three Belmont men were able to grab her from the river, while Capt. David Hall was able to get to shore on his own. (Gail Ober/Laconia Daily Sun)