David Bartlett named interim principal at Laconia HS


LACONIA — After serving as assistant principal at Laconia High School since 2013, David Bartlett has been appointed interim principal for the 2016-2017 school year.

Bartlett will fill the vacancy opened by the abrupt departure of Jim McCollum, who resigned in June become interim principal of Rundlett Middle School in Concord.

A native of Warner, Bartlett earned his bachelor's degree in communication from the University of New Hampshire and his master's degree in education from Plymouth State University. After working in information technology he has spent the last 13 years in the public school system, starting in 2002 at Laconia High School, where he was an alternative education teacher while managing the study hall program. Three years later, Bartlett went to work in the Gilford School District, teaching special education students for three years and eighth-grade mathematics for four years.

Bartlett said that altogether he has had six years of experience teaching alternative and special education students.

"This is a very rewarding group of students to work with," he said.

When Bartlett returned to Laconia High School as assistant principal he played a major role in introducing the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, or PBIS, program. PBIS rests on the notion that appropriate behavior can be taught just like core subjects of the academic curriculum by setting positive expectations for students rather than telling them what not to do. The program aims to maximize the time students spend learning by reducing the number referrals to the office for inappropriate behavior, which take both the student and the teacher out of the classroom.

Bartlett stressed that the behavioral and academic elements complement and reinforce one another, explaining that appropriate behavior and regular attendance enable students to access and master the academic curriculum. He also designed and managed the master schedule, worked with the Strategic Planning Committee of the School Board and led the Child Study Team.

As interim principal, Bartlett said that he intends to continue the initiatives already underway, particularly the PBIS program and curriculum development.

"This is a wonderful school and a great opportunity," he said. "We're not going to be changing the things that are most important to this school."

Bartlett will be leading a new administrative team at the high school. Angel Burke of Bow High School has been appointed as academic coordinator, replacing Steve Tucker, who left to become director of curriculum at the Gilford School District. Brian Berkowitz a veteran of Laconia High School, has replaced Amy Hinds, who has been named assistant superintendent of the Laconia School District, as coordinator of student services. In addition, Bartlett said that the process of hiring an assistant principal to succeed him is nearing its conclusion.

Bartlett discounted the challenge of changes in leadership, welcoming what he called "a great opportunity."

David Bartlett

David Bartlett

Superintendent Beitler takes helm at Gilford School District


GILFORD — School District Superintendent's Kirk Beitler's first few days have been filled with meeting district staff, visiting the three buildings on the campus, and settling in to his new position.

Beitler, the former assistant superintendent in the Laconia School District, said he is anticipating a busy summer as he familiarizes himself with his district and oversees the mechanical renovation project at the Elementary School.

"Today I met with some elementary students who are at 'camp' at the high school," he said, noting that because of the elementary school construction, the annual school-sponsored summer camp is centered at the high school this year.

Beitler said he has spent his first three days most scheduling meetings with building principals and staff. He also gave a reading at the Historical Society's recent Fourth of July program where there was a performance of the Gilford Community Band.

He said next on his list is setting appointments with the town of Gilford department heads, which he hopes to do next week. He said he plans on attending an upcoming meeting of the Board of Selectman which he will schedule with the town administrator.

"There are great schools here and I am really excited," Beitler said Thursday.

07-08 Kirk Beitler

New Gilford School District Superintendent Kirk Beitler stands in front of the SAU Offices in Gilford Village. (Gail Ober/Laconia Daily Sun)

Condominium association files suit to stop watercraft repair business


LACONIA — How many personal watercraft does it take to be too many? That’s the question a Belknap County judge has been asked to decide by three members of a five-unit condominium association on Weirs Boulevard.
The officers of The Last Resort, A Condominium have filed for a temporary and permanent injunction or to put a stop to what they say is some commercial activity allegedly being done by the sons of the owners of the other two condominiums.
According to a pleading filed in late June, L. Scott and Karen Weeks, who own Units 3 and 5, have allowed their three sons to set up a repair, painting and a fabrication shop in the cellar of Unit 5. The officers also say the brothers have built an “elaborate barge” with an electric hoist that takes up more than their allotted space along the common dock.
The filing said the three brothers have set up a Facebook page that promotes their business “Weeks Brothers Motorsports” to attract people to come on to the condominium property for landing and retrieving Jet Ski-type watercraft or water bikes.
The officers say they have constructed ramps and have altered the common or limited area, and have promoted events where people who are off site are allowed to use the waterfront for a fee. The complaint also says the sons have kept the watercraft on the beach, which denies the other owners and their families the opportunity to use it.
According to the pleadings, The Last Resort, A Condominium was formed and recorded at the Belknap County Registry of Deeds on April 11, 1985, and its bylaws specifically state that it cannot be used for any reason except residential.
Section VII -8 of the declaration provides that “no noxious or offensive activities” can be carried on in any of the common or limited areas and nothing can be done which may become an annoyance or nuisance to other owners.
The pleadings state that the officers of the condo association have “demanded” that the brothers stop violating the rules and have asked the court for a temporary injunction because they will not stop.
According to the online city of Laconia assessments, the Weeks have been tenants in the small association the longest and purchased Unit 5 in 1992. A family trust purchased Unit 3 in 2015.
Unit 1 was purchased by the current owner and plaintiff in 2003, Unit 2 was purchased by the current owner and plaintiff in 1996, and Unit 4 was purchased by the current owner and plaintiff in 2012.
According the to New Hampshire Secretary of State’s website, the trademark rights to the name The Last Resort, A Condominium was forfeited in 1993. There is also no record for “Weeks Brothers Watersports” listed as a business.
When reached, Joseph Weeks declined to comment.
The Weeks family have not filed a reply to the request for the injunction.


07-08 Weeks Bros Watersports 1

This photo was posted to the Weeks Brothers Watersports Facebook page, which shows the hoist the brothers use to lift watercraft in and out of the water. (Facebook photo)

07-08 Weeks Brothers Watersports Facebook page

The Weeks Brothers Watersports Facebook page appears to list the business as in Norton, Massachusetts (https://www.facebook.com/Weeksbroswatersports/info/?entry_point=page_nav_about_item&tab=overview). (Facebook photo)