LHS senior awards recognize the caring and studious


LACONIA — The Senior Awards and Scholarship Night at Laconia High School is an opportunity to recognize the hard work, kindness, and community involvement of seniors about to graduate. It is an event made possible by the generous contributions of the community they honor us by representing, and by the faculty and staff that have guided them through the four years at Laconia High School. Still, the event was all about celebrating the achievements of the seniors present, achievements viewers in the audience could both be proud of and inspired by.
Before the Scholarships and awards were handed out, there were two speeches given. The keynote speaker for the evening was Steve Tucker, Laconia High School's academic coordinator, who is completing his 21st and final year of distinguished service to the Laconia School District. He was introduced by Assistant Principal David Bartlett, who spoke of his memories running with Tucker earlier in their careers, comparing his athletic experience to the academic experiences many students have experienced under Tucker's tutelage.
"As we would run," Bartlett reminisced, "Steve would say, 'if we take a left here it'll be a quarter of a mile, no big deal'... 'Hey, if we take a right here up this incline (Mile Hill in the South End) it'll only be an extra half a mile.'" In both cases, Bartlett said his pride would kick in and he would say, "Sure Steve," and follow him on the new route. "That 3-mile light jog we were initially supposed to take would turn into an 8 to 9 mile test of my fitness," he said.
This anecdote was told at the outset of his speech because Bartlett felt as though his experience mirrored that which students of Tucker have experienced themselves.

"In his first 17 years as a teacher, he ran beside his students," Bartlett said, "challenging them to achieve academic excellence at every turn. Expecting more of them than they did of themselves, but the whole time running beside them, supporting them, and helping them achieve more than they thought possible." For those of us who know Tucker, it would be hard to disagree.
Tucker's speech set the tone for the evening, talking mostly about the community the students being recognized were brought up in and what they have thus far and will continue to do for that community.

"When you think about it," he began, "there are many examples of Americans being disengaged from the community: we're a deck culture rather than a front-porch culture. Instead of going to the movies, we have home entertainment systems, we shop online instead of in stores, for some class reunions some people don't attend by saying they can 'see' their friends on Facebook..." the list went on.
As his speech progressed, he used this clearly apparent fact that we are less engaged in our communities to emphasize the achievements of many of the students who were receiving awards on the basis of what they mean to their school community and achievements the community has made as a whole.

"Communities are ... shaped by words," Tucker went on to say. He then asked the students in attendance: "When you think back to your time in this community, what will be the words that you use to describe it?" Some words could be about the challenges that affect the community.

"Our school is in an old building," Tucker said, "and we're faced with some serious budget issues."
The story, as exemplified by the students present at the event, can be quite different. "While these words certainly contain truths," Tucker continued, "why do they have to be the only words that define our community? When I hear these words, there are other truths that are missed. Laconia High School is a showcased school at a national conference in Texas and was recognized by the New Hampshire Department of Education because of its work by students and teachers on performance based assessment."

While the work of all students at Laconia High School contributed to what Tucker spoke of, those present to receive scholarships and awards contributed greatly to the crafting of those truths.
Whatever words the Class of 2016 use to describe their high school years, the words of Salutatorian Elizabeth Davis will be remembered.

"Those of you who know Elizabeth," Tucker said, "know that laughter is her default response to almost everything she does. Don't be misled (by her laughter)," he went on. "In fact, she is highly intelligent, high performing, broad-minded and assiduous."
As salutatorian, it was apparent to everyone that Davis is a learner. Therefore, she decided to share her talent for humor in her speech by dismissing some truths she's been taught from a young age. She was told she'd need to know cursive, but spent more time tracing such letters than she spent writing her name on the SAT. She was told money doesn't grow on trees, but said that planting one can increase the shade provided to your house and decrease your cooling bill. She was told that not wearing a coat in the winter will cause you to catch cold, but cited that we catch more colds in the winter because we are in close proximity indoors which causes viruses to be transmitted. During the whole course of her speech, it was the laughter that was infectious.
The night that followed featured too many scholarship recipients to count, a true testament to the community involvement and scholarship of those present, as well as the generosity of our local community. 

06-09 LHS awards ceremony

The senior awards ceremony for Laconia High School took place Thursday, June 9. (Brendan Sorrell/for The Laconia Daily Sun)

Gilford High School Class of 2016

GILFORD — The following students graduated from Gilford High School on Friday, June 10: David Charles Arnst Jr., Christian Eliason Ayer, Jacob MichaelBaer, Cassidy Leigh Bartlett, Jillian Ruth Barton, Robert Anthony Barton, Logan McKenzy Baxter, Justin James Bellissimo, Noah Benjamen Blais, Nikolett Bogdan, Joshua Edward Bolduc, Autumn Joy Bos, Nathan Ryan Boutwell, Drouin Reed Brulotte, Michael Avery Bugnacki, Miranda Marion Bushnell, Domenic Joseph Canzano, James Lagueux Chapin, Reileigh Marie Clark, Rebecca Gail Cook (Salutatorian, Treasurer), William Andrew Crowell, Jessica Michelle Currier, Emily Ziel Curtis, Isaac Louis Dahl, Cortlynn Nichole Danby, Moriah Ruth Davies, Damon Russell Davis, JordanSmith Dean, Kayla Arline Dillon, John Michael DiMartino, Zachary Mahi Djabelarbi, Emma Marie Donnelly, Emma Katherine Drew, Ethan William Drew, Jordan Elizabeth Drew , William Patrick Drew-Huckins, Nicole Breanna Dunton, Dakota Daniel Duval, Olivia Jean Edson, Kaitlin Cuddy Egbert, Madison Rose Eldridge, Jeremiah David Flanders, Jacob Paul Forst, Jeremiah Cabrera Freeman, Mark David Glavin Jr., Coby Anthony Goodwin, Samantha Claire Greer, Julia Greene Harris, Madison Joyce Harris, Gabrielle Christine Hood, Richard Cameron Hughes, Quinton Emmanuel Jones , Clara Jane Jude, Helen Rose Jude, Sierra Lynn Juneau (Secretary), Christian Peter Karagianis (Vice President), Sarah Adrienne Lachapelle, Jessica Lynn Ladd, Alyson Elizabeth Ladouceur, Ryan Thomas LaFrance, Cerrissa Leigh Lamos, Brianna Rae LaRoche, Joseph Andrew Lempke, Amber Leigh Loureiro, Nicole Ashley Lurvey, Corrina Marie Marengo, Mitchell David Robert Mattice, Patrick Kenneth McKenna, Misty Rose Medeiros, Carter Thomas Mercer, Shannon Elizabeth Mercer, Isabella Leanna Mitchell, Juliet Christian Mosher, Alexandra Rae Nault, Mariah Elizabeth Nelson, Zachary Robert Newquist, Hailey Dawn Nugent, Haleigh Frances Patch, Cordelia Allene Penney, Parker James Plourde, Savannah Evelyn Plummer, Shane Theron Podmore, Eric George Potter, Sophia Lisa Prevost, Caleb Walter Price Austin Josep,h Ralls, Sienna Noelle Remick (Valedictorian), Ethan Parker Rice, Timothy Herbert Rice, Joseph Talen Richardson, Ian Patrick Rollins, Oliver Taillefer Roy Dana Catherine Ruchti, Hunter Augustus Sanborn, Owen Daniel Sanborn, Brandon Scott Sasserson, Kaitlyn Allyse Sasseville, Hannah Mae Saulnier, Maxwell Standow Sawyer, Natasha Delcey-Marie Scerra, Matthew James Schwartzkopf, Samih Shafique (President), Sophia Christine Sherkanowski, Rebecca Louise Pearl Simpson, Connor John Sleeper, Caleb Montgomery Smith, Dustin Frank Souza, Brianna Marie Spoor, Courtney Jean Stevens, Hunter Richard Stevens, Gary James Strzepek, Louis Allen Sullivan, Tyler James Swarthout, Emily Paige Theberge, Grace Marie Therrien, Breanna Morgan Thibodeau, Karina Ashlee Tomlinson, Gabrielle Victoria Tuscano Matthew James Waite, David Franklin Walker, Bryce McCracken Workman, Laura Lynn Zakorchemny, Leon Iser (Foreign Exchange - Germany), Alejandro Soberon Zertuche (Foreign Exchange - Mexico).

GHS Grad 12Jun16258197 DS

Valedictorian Sienna Remick at the podium during Gilford High School’s commencement Sunday morning at Meadowbrook Bank of NH Pavilion.  (Karen Bobotas/for the Laconia Daily Sun)

93rd Motorcycle Week off to a promising start

BikeWeek 12Jun16258856

A steady flow of bike traffic rides through Weirs Beach on Sunday afternoon as Laconia’s 93rd Motorcycle Week gets under way.   (Karen Bobotas/for the Laconia Daily Sun)



LACONIA — The 93rd annual Laconia Motorcycle Week got off to a good start Saturday morning with more than 250 riders taking part in the 10th annual Peter Makris Memorial Run.
"We don't have official numbers yet as to how much money was raised, but it was a great run,'' Laconia Motorcycle Week Executive Director Charlie St. Clair said at a Motorcycle Week press conference held Monday the Naswa Resort. The resort is the starting and ending place for the Makris event, which honors Peter Makris, a Marine Corps veteran and late owner of the Naswa. The event has raised over $300,000 for the Laconia Fire Department Life Saving Fund and the Easter Seals Veterans Count program since its inception.
Lt. Alan Graton of the Laconia Police Department said there was heavy traffic in Laconia during the daytime Saturday but rainy weather later that day and cool and windy conditions on Sunday slowed traffic in the area.
Graton said that in wake of the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, early Sunday morning, local police are staying vigilant, as usual, and are in communication with other departments with regard to any possible threats. He said that there are no indications at this time of any potential problem in the area.
St. Clair said he anticipates that the warmer weather predicted for later this week will bring in lots of bike traffic and that Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be big days for bikers from New Hampshire and other New England states to show up.
He said there are a lot of activities coming up this week at entertainment complexes in the Weirs area, including the Laconia Roadhouse and Laconia Fest, which is being held on the Weirs Beach Drive-In property and where Steven Tyler of Aerosmith is scheduled to perform Wednesday.
Jennifer Anderson, director of Laconia Motorcycle Week, said there was a lot of activity at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, including vintage racing and demonstration rides from seven different motorcycle manufacturers. She said that over 40 riders who took part in a ride to the Speedway on Saturday were able to do a lap around the track, which proved to be quite a thrill for them.
Upcoming rides include a Gypsy Tour of covered bridges on Wednesday which leaves Rally Headquarters, on Lakeside Avenue, at 10:30 a.m. The 200-plus mile ride will take riders to, and in some cases, across, several wooden covered bridges.
The 23rd POW/MIA Freedom Ride, on Thursday, June 16, will line up beginning at 5 p.m. in the Lowe's parking lot on Lakeshore Road/Route 11 in Guilford, and the ride will begin at 6 p.m. It will bring riders to the New Hampshire POW/MIA memorial at Husky Park in Meredith, where a vigil will be held at 7 p.m.
On Friday, June 17, the inaugural We Love Laconia Motorcycle Week Ride, featuring celebrities and Laconia Mayor Ed Engler, will be held. The two-hour guided tour leaves from Rally Headquarters at 9:30 a.m. and ends at the Laconia Roadhouse. Fee is $50 per rider, $25 per passenger, and includes swag, catered lunch, parking and entertainment. Proceeds benefit Laconia Motorcycle Week.

06-14 BikeWeek 12Jun16258731

Jason Denbeston and Melissa Coons ride down the boulevard at Weirs Beach Sunday afternoon as Laconia's 93rd Motorcycle Rally gets under way.  (Karen Bobotas/for the Laconia Daily Sun)