Untimely death in Gilford being investigated

GILFORD — An untimely death which took place late Sunday evening on Liscomb Circle is under investigation.
Assistant N.H. Attorney General Geoff Ward said that the investigation is being conducted by the attorney general's office in conjunction with the N.H. State Police Major Crimes unit and Gilford Police Department.
He said no other information on the incident is being released at this time due to the ongoing investigation.

Enrollment at LHS down to 508

LACONIA — Interim SAU 30 Superintendent Phil McCormack told the School Board Tuesday night that enrollment is down in both the School District and at the regional Huot Technical Center.
McCormack said that district wide enrollment in city schools is down by 74 students, 3.6 percent less than last year. At the Huot Center, which is shared with four other school districts, enrollment us down by 30 students, a 6 percent decline.
He said high school enrollment is down 6.8 percent to 508 students, while the Middle School is down by 2 percent. Elementary school enrollments are up by 2.2 percent.
McCormack said that compared to five years ago the district-wide student count is down by 54, 39 fewer at the high school, 48 fewer at the Middle School but 33 more in city elementary schools.
He said that are 100 home schooled students this year in Laconia, 11 more than last year.
Board member Mike Persson asked McCormack to obtain enrollment data from schools in the surrounding area to see if there are similar enrollment decreases to those in the city. He said that if there are appreciable differences it would stand out as a ''red flag'' of problems with the perception of city schools that the board would have to deal with.
McCormack, a former superintendent of the Inter-Lakes School District, said that based on his experience in the Lakes Region he thinks Laconia's enrollment trend is on par with other school districts in the area.
He also said that in view of the opportunities available through the Huot Center to obtain health care college credits at Lakes Region Community College, he thinks enrollments in the health care courses should be increasing.

Irwin Marine asks to join city in lawsuit over land sale

LACONIA — Irwin Marine has asked the Belknap County Superior Court to join the suit against the city brought by Erica Blizzard, who owns and operates Lakeport Landing marina, challenging the decision of the City Council to sell the Elm Street property her firm has leased from the city since 1985 to Irwin Marine.

Attorney Joseph Driscoll, IV, representing Irwin Marine claims that it's an interested party since the council accepted its offer to purchase the property and authorized a purchase-and-sales agreement, which has yet to be concluded. The firm has placed funds in an escrow account in anticipation of closing the transaction.

Representing the city, attorney Walter Mitchell has assented to the request of Irwin Marine to intervene.

Blizzard, who is represented by Bron Bedard of Concord, claims that Cit Manager Scott Myers exceeded the authority granted him by the council when, rather than conducting "informal conversations" with both Lakeport Landing and Irwin Marine about the conditions of a sale, he solicited the "highest and best offers" from each in a letter he said was not "a comprehensive bid document". Blizzard has asked the court to rescind the action of the council and remand the issue back to the council with instructions that any sale must comply with the City Charter.

Irwin Marine offered to pay $528,000 for the 0.81-acre lot and building at 21 Elm Street. Lakeport Landing offered $331,400.

Thirty years ago Lakeport Landing constructed a two-story building on the land, with the understanding that it would become the property of the city at the end of October 2015.