Gilmanton Year-Round Library doing survey to explore funding methods


GILMANTON — Town residents should be getting a questionnaire about the future of the Year-Round Library in a few days and the director of the board of trustees, Chris Schlegel is encouraging people to fill it out and return it.

Schlegel said that since the funding question failed at last year's annual Town Meeting ballot session, she and her board members have been trying to dig down deep and find out why.

"We had some community conversations after (the vote) and learned that many would support it if it was town owned," she said.

Right now, the Gilmanton Year-Round Library is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that relies on grants, fundraising and the occasional generosity of town voters, who have approved some operating money in past year's budgets.

She said that for years she and other board members thought this was the financial model that the townspeople preferred, but has recently learned that many people feel otherwise.

"We're trying to flesh that out," she said, noting that in her conversations with the state librarian and others in the field she has learned there are other financial structures that could be used.

She said they directed her to the UNH Survey Center who help design the survey and is taking care of the mailing, collection and data analysis. Schlegel said there is a grant and some donations to be used for strategic planning.

"If people prefer we become town-owned, then we'll be able to prepare for that," she said. "There are other models and if that's what people want, then we'll look at some of them."

She said the second purpose of the questionnaire is to learn what services the library provides that people like and what services people would like them to provide that they currently don't.

She said the that since its inception, the library has maintained records on a number of things like usage, the types of books, audio books, and movies that are checked out, and computer usage so they didn't ask a lot of questions about the things they already know.

Schlegel also said that she and Deb Chase, who the head trustee for the Gilmanton Corner Library are planning on talking about how each library can help the other.

"We're real excited about this," she said.

Laconia contractor takes deposit, fails to build barn, now guilty of theft

CONCORD — A Laconia man pleaded guilty Tuesday to a charge of theft in connection with a Dunbarton construction deal.

Cedric Gatanti, 37, entered the plea in Merrimack County Superior Court to one charge of theft by misapplication of property. Gatanti's crime occurred between June 1, 2014, and Nov. 1, 2014, when he took a substantial deposit from a customer for the purchase of materials to build a post-and-beam barn in Dunbarton. Gatanti recklessly spent that money on unrelated business and personal expenses despite being legally obligated to spend the money on the materials for the barn, according to New Hampshire Attorney General Joseph A. Foster.
Following a hearing, the court sentenced Gatanti to serve 12 months in the house of corrections. He was ordered to pay $28,821.79 restitution to the victims and is prohibited from engaging in any business where he takes prepayments for goods or services not yet provided or completed for a period of 10 years.
Consumers with consumer-related complaints or concerns can call the Attorney General's Consumer Information Line at 1-888-468-4454 or file a complaint online at

Marine Patrol identifies man who drowned at Profile Falls

BRISTOL — State Marine Patrol officials have identified 39-year-old Thai M Chinh of Concord as the man who drowned Monday afternoon in the Smith River near Profile Falls.

Chinh apparently went into the water to assist one of four children, ages 7, 8, 10 and 13, who began struggling while playing in the pool below the falls. Chinh was attempting to help one of the children, a relative, when he went under and did not resurface, said the Marine Patrol.

Others were at the falls that day and pulled the four children to safety. Chinh's body was recovered in the town of Hill, which is just south of Bristol.

Profile Falls is located at where the Smith River meets the Pemigewasset River and is a state park.

Police said an 8-year-old child was resuscitated by rescuers but firefighters from several communities were unable to resuscitate Chihn, who was found in about 8 feet of water.

Marine Patrol officials urge everyone, especially those who are not strong swimmers, to wear flotation devices in designated swimming areas when there is no life guard present.

Profile Falls

Profile Falls (Courtesy photo)