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Inmate dong chin-ups on water pipe leads to flood at county jail

LACONIA — It got a little wet in the mens' minimum security dorm at the Belknap County House of Corrections on the morning of August 8 when a couple of minimum security inmates doing chin ups on a sprinkler system pipe broke it near the valve.

Superintendent Daniel Ward said water poured from the broken pipe and by the time the broken portion of the system was shut down, he said water flooded the dorm.

Ward said there was surprising very little damage because the floor and walls in the dorm are cement and the actual sprinkler system didn't deploy.

He said the male inmates in the ward were evacuated to the yard while maintenance and corrections officials used water vacuums to suck up the water. Ward said it took about two or three hours for maintenance to replace the broken pipe and the valve and to clean up the water.

"It was a mess but it was (cleaned up) pretty quick," Ward said.

He said they have the entire incident on tape and parts of it are kind of comical. He said the man was sliding on the pipe "like a monkey" when it appears he heard it crack. He said he and two others just ran as fast as they could to get away from the cascade of water.

"It's likely not intentional," Ward said. He added that it was a reckless act because the pipe is painted bright red "so they won't hang on it."

"It's just not designed to handle a couple of hundred extra pounds," he said.

The Belknap County Sheriff's Office is investigating but he said there likely won't be any additional criminal charges.

"We will seek restitution," he said. He said the damage was $353.

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Deadline Near for Got Lunch! Sea-Doo Raffle Tickets

LACONIA — This weekend will mark the last chance for buying raffle tickets to win a 2014 Sea-Doo Spark 3up, three seater personal watercraft and trailer which is being raffled to support the Got Lunch! Laconia program.
The personal watercraft and trailer were donated by Irwin Marine, which is one of the sites throughout the city where tickets are now on sale.
Tickets are $10 each or 3 for $20, with all proceeds going to Got Lunch! Laconia.
The drawing twill be held on Monday, August 4 at the Congregational Church of Laconia UCC , 18 Veterans Square Laconia. The drawing will take place at 8:30 a.m during one of the weekly distributions of food deliveries. Ticket holder does not need to be present to win.
Tickets are on sale at these local supporting businesses:
All My Life Jewelers - 639 Main St. Laconia
Bank of New Hampshire Thursday night
Farmers Market – Main St Parking Lot Laconia
Congregational Church of Laconia – 18 Veterans Square Laconia
Irwin Marine - 958 Union Ave Laconia
Quick Laundry and Cleaners –401 South Main Street Laconia
Tavern 27 - 2075 Parade Rd, Laconia,
VISTA Foods - 376 South Main St. Laconia
Got Lunch! Laconia is now in its fourth year of delivering summer meal makings to Laconia families. Each Monday morning volunteers gather at the Laconia Congregational Church to bag the peanut butter jelly, bread and fresh fruit and vegetables which are distributed to 543 families.

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Small pot farm discovered in Hill

HILL — The N.H. State Police Narcotics and Investigations Union confiscated 52 marijuana plants from a home at 492 Borough Road on Thursday.

During the execution of this search warrant, the plants were seized from an indoor and several outdoor growing locations. The value of these plants is approximately $78,000. The New Hampshire State Police has identified an active suspect involved in this on-going investigation and charges are pending.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to contact the New Hampshire State Police Narcotics and Investigations Unit at 603-223-8543.

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Board tightens requirement for class attendance at LHS

LACONIA — The School Board has enacted a new attendance policy at the High School that strengthens the attendance requirements students must meet to get credit for passing a class.

The new policy says that the maximum number of absences — excused or otherwise — from any class is 10 per semester. Previously the number was eight unexcused absences and excused absences didn't count as long as the course work was completed.

Excused absences are defined as school sponsored events; bereavement that is confirmed by a parent or guardian; religious requirements confirmed by a parent or guardian; court appointments confirmed by written documentation; guidance or special education meetings as confirmed by a counselor; college visitations confirmed by a parent and the college; and doctors notes confirmed by the doctor.

Students who are absent from school for part of the day without parental excuse shall be considered truant and will receive zero for all formative assignments that day.

According to board member Mike Persson, who sits on the Policy Committee, high school administrators have said that one of the biggest challenges voiced by private sector employees when it comes to younger employees is some disregard for timeliness and attendance.

He said high school students are at an age when they need to begin to step up and take responsibility for their futures and attendance is one of the key components to success.

The new handbook states that should a student have 10 or more absences, he/she may trigger an appeal process that will review the student's attendance and the reasons for them.

The appeals process will begin with the child's study team reviewing the absences. It the study team determines is one or more of the absences are based on "valid rationale", the administration will notify the parents or guardian with the list of expectations for the balance of the semester.

If the child's study team determines the excuses are not justified, the student can request a hearing that will include the student, the parent or guardian, the teacher of record, the guidance counselor and an administrator.
"The goal of the appeal is to improve attendance and ensure credit through the development of a contract that is supported by all parties," reads the new handbook.

The policy also says that teachers will not take classroom time to help a student catch up on his or her work. The student will have to approach the teacher during his or her non-instructional time and this had not changed from the previous year.

Policy Committee member Beth Arsenault said she was reluctant at first to draw such a solid line regarding absences.

She said she completely understands the need for "seat time" and added that once the committee came up with the appeals process she was okay with the more stringent attendance policy.

"I think it's all going to depend on how well the appeals committee works and who's going to sit on it," she said.

In related action, the School Board also extended the attendance requirements for participation in athletics to all extra-curricular activities.

Member Scott Vachon said he would not support the revised handbook if attendance policies only applied to sports programs.

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