Robbery of $400 cash reported on South Main Street

LACONIA — Police are seeking help from the public in their investigation of a reported robbery that allegedly took place on South Main Street, near Vista Foods, shortly before midnight last Saturday.

The victim, described only as a local man, told police that a dark colored Pontiac Grand Am, driven by a woman, drew up to the curb and one of several men in the car got out. He claimed the man struck him with a crow bar and took approximately $400 in cash from his backpack. Police said the reported victim showed no visible signs of an injury.

According to police, the victim said he was set up by an acquaintance and insisted that the incident had nothing to do with drugs, but then turned uncooperative under questioning.

Police ask anyone with information about this incident to contact the Laconia Police Department at 524-5252.

Superintendent worried about resignations of nursing educators at Huot Center

LACONIA — Interim School District Superintendent Phil McCormack told Laconia School Board members Tuesday night that the recent resignations of two health program teachers from the Huot Regional Technical Education Center will be difficult to fill and could have on impact on nursing courses that are offered.
He said that the School District is trying to work through the situation and locate within its own ranks people who have the background to teach those courses.
School Board Chairman Joe Cormier asked if it might be possible to work with Plymouth State University to see if there were some way that students could be brought in and obtain credits for teaching.
McCormack said that Plymouth State does have a nursing program but was uncertain as to whether that approach would work.
He also said that the School District was finding it difficult to retain para-educators and that two had left in recent days.
The board approved hiring two new teachers to fill vacancies; a grade 6 math and physical science teacher at Woodland Heights Elementary School and a math teacher at the High School.
The board also finalized its 2015-2016 operating budget, making $100,000 in cuts to bring the bottom line of the $32.5 million budget to the total approved by the City Council.
Business Administrator Ed Emond, who worked with the Budget and Personnel Committee and school administrators to come up with the cuts, said that two budgeted positions, one at the Middle School and one at the elementary level, would not be filled, accounting for the bulk of the reduction. He said that spending was also reduced in some budget lines due the impact of lower costs for newly hired staff.
The board also approved applying $20,000 refund in a premium holiday for workers compensation and unemployment compensation to reduce premiums for the current year.

Man said to have threatened city police officer with a 2X4 eventually taken into custody quietly

LACONIA — A city man who allegedly took two partial swings with a two-by-four at a city police officer is being held on $5,000 cash bail after his video appearance in the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division yesterday.

James Eddy, 24, of 210 Endicott Street North, #7, is charged with one felony count of criminal threatening with a deadly weapon and two misdemeanor counts of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

Affidavits obtained from court said police responded to Eddy's address when they got a report that he was smashing out the windows of his car and possibly setting his cottage on fire.

When the officer arrived he said he saw Eddy holding a two-by-four stick of lumber, that the windows of a silver Subaru wagon were smashed and there was glass on the ground next to the car.

The officer said he repeatedly ordered Eddy to drop the piece of wood but Eddy maintained his "fighting posture" and took two partial swings at him. Eddy allegedly took a step in the direction of the officer but backed up several steps, dropped the wood and ran.

Affidavits said a backup officer and the Fire Department arrived to assess the cottage and Eddy's allegedly threats to burn it down. The two officers began looking for Eddy who fled north toward Meredith.

They found him in front of 220 Endicott Street North standing in fighting position in the middle of the northbound lane of Rte. 3. Police told him to come to the side of the road but he allegedly refused and began walking east on Tower Street.

At some point Eddy began to run and the two officers chased him briefly. When they got within 20 feet, Eddy put his hands in the air and stopped. He allowed himself to be cuffed.

One of the officers took him to Lakes Region General Hospital for a mental health evaluation.

Laconia's prosecutor argued for $5,000 cash bail saying Eddy was a danger to himself and others. He said he would agree to having bail convert to personal recognizance should Eddy secure a spot in the N.H. State Hospital.
Eddy is represented by the N.H. Public Defender's Office, whose attorney argued for $5,000 personal recognizance, saying Eddy was already being treated at Genesis Behavioral Health, that he lives near his parents, and that the Belknap County House of Corrections was no place for him

Carroll ordered that he be held on cash-only bail unless he could get admitted to the State Hospital. Should he post bail, he is prohibited from possessing alcohol, non-prescribed drugs, and weapons. Carroll also ordered that Genesis be involved in any release plan.

Meadowbrook gets approval for 1,000 tent sites

GILFORD — After a year's test run, the Planning Board has accepted the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion at Meadowbrook's request for 1,000 tent sites spread over a number of parking lots.

During his presentation to the selectmen in 2013, Meadowbrook Security Officer Dom DiCarli said the company would have security patrolling the tenting sites and that no campfires would be allowed. 2014 was the test year.

Selectmen granted them a conditional approval for 98 sites, which were limited to the parking lot near the Recycling Center, provided the management of the music venue reported back to them about how it worked.

In February of this year, Meadowbrook requested 1,000 tent sites spread out over a number of parking lot.

According to the minutes of the June 15 meeting, Meadowbrook Chief Operating Officer Mike Seymour told the Planning Board that the use of the tenting sites has not been overwhelming and the reason for asking the board to allow tenting to be more spread out within the music venue was so they can manage them better. He said he doesn't expect too many additional tenters.

Seymour also asked for a lot merger for Parking Lot 1 so it could be used for tenting. He said the newest area will be constructed this fall. He added that four of the other lots are for future use at this point because each has a lot of gravel and is not yet suitable for tenting.

The board granted Meadowbrook's request on the condition that Police Chief Anthony Bean Burpee is provided with a list of rules and regulations for the tenting sites.