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City marks belated Arbor Day with Wyatt Park tree plantings

LACONIA — Yesterday, a week after the official date of Arbor Day, the city marked the annual celebration of trees, along with its 25th anniversary as a Tree City USA, by planting two trees at Wyatt Park in the South End.

Mayor Ed Engler recalled that the first Arbor Day was celebrated in Nebraska, then a vast expanse of treeless prairie, in 1872, where the occasion featured the planting of a million trees. In New Hampshire Arbor Day has been celebrated for the past 129 years.

To mark the city's quarter century as Tree City, the New Hampshire Division of Forests and Lands donated a sterling silver linden tree, which was planted in the corner of the park near the junction of Champlin Street and Center Street. Amy Lovisek of the Parks and Recreation Department said that the tree will reach a height of 45 feet with a canopy 30 feet around. Its heart shaped leaves, she said will turn bright gold in the autumn.

In addition, the Arbor Day Foundation contributed a selection of 10 redbud, dogwood and hawthorne seedlings, which Lovisek said would be suited to plant in 8 or 12 years.

Close to the playground the city has planted a London plane tree, which Lovisek said could grown to a height of 85 feet capped by a crown stretching 70 feet across. "It will provide plenty of shade for the kids on the playground," she remarked.

Kevin Dunleavy. director of of Parks and Recreation, told the half dozen children on hand that one day, when they bring their children to the park, they can can point to the mature trees and remember that they were there when they were only freshly planted saplings.

Scott Rolfe, community forester at the Division of Forests and Lands, said that trees were especially important in urban surroundings where they hold the topsoil, absorb stormwater and filter pollutants. "They are the hardest working trees in the country," he said

Lovisket said that the celebration was delayed a week to allow the ground to thaw for the planting of the trees.


CAPTION: A group of children playing at Wyatt Park joined city officials for a belated Arbor Day observance on Friday morning. At rear from left to right, Kevin Dunleavy, director of Parks and Recreation, Mayor Ed Engler, Amy Lovisek, assistant director of Parks and Recreation, Scott Rolfe, community forester at the New Hampshire Division of Forests and Lands, and Sally Perino, president of the Wyatt Park Association. (Laconia Daily Sun photo/Michael Kitch).

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Minivan jumps curb to tak out BMW Z3

GILFORD — A man escaped serious injury yesterday afternoon after he apparently drove his minivan over a curb defining the Wendy's restaurant parking lot, struck a BMW Z3 and pushed it through the wall of German Motorsports on Lake Shore Road.

Police at the scene said it appears the man was pulling into a parking space at Wendy's but failed to stop, crossing over an 18-inch wide raised curb before striking the other car.

The force of the crash pushed the right rear quarter of the BMW through the building, knocking a toolbox belonging to one of the mechanics off its base.

"I was just working under a car (on a lift) when, bam," said the mechanic who gave his name as Bill. "I almost had a heart attack."

A view from the inside of Bill's work bay showed crumbled cement blocks and stucco on the floor with the rear quarter of the BMW jutting about four inches into the building.

Bill's toolbox was pushed about four inches away from the wall.

Gilford Fire Captain Rick Andrews said the driver declined to be transported by ambulance to the hospital but said he would likely seek treatment on his own, accompanied by a family member.

Andrews said Building Inspector Dave Andrade came and inspected the building and declared it sound before the car was pulled out of it.

Both cars were towed.

CUTLINE – (BMW Z3 into wall) A BMW sits crushed between a minivan and a wall yesterday afternoon at German Motorsports on Lake Shore Road in Gilford. (Laconia Daily Sun photo/Gail Ober)

(BMW Z3 into wall) Stucco and cement blocks strew the inside of one of the work bays at German Motorsports on Lake Shore Road in Gilford yesterday afternoon after a BMW was pushed through the wall by a minivan. (Laconia Daily Sun photo/Gail Ober)

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Police investigate unusual burglary on Sheridan Street - 74

LACONIA — Police are investigating the burglary and theft of a furnace and a boiler from an unoccupied home at 169 Sheridan Street in Lakeport.

The burglary was reported to police on Tuesday however police said the house is "bank-owned" and that it had been a while since anyone had checked on the property.

The owners said it doesn't appear anything else was taken.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the Laconia Police at 524-5252.

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Gilford road repair contract awarded to Wolcott

GILFORD — Selectmen awarded the town's 2015 road construction bid to Wolcott Construction, Co. Wednesday night after it came in as the low bidder.

Town Administrator Scott Dunn said Wolcott had the summer contract last year and has  been a reliable partner to the town's Department of Public Works.

He said this year the price per ton of machine-laid grade asphalt went to $70 per ton while the price of hand-laid grade asphalt rose to $100 per ton.

Public Works Director Peter Nourse said the price per ton for asphalt is higher than it was last year but he understands that Wolcott has kept its prices low for Gilford in the past few years.

"Historically (the price) rises about 5 percent a year," he told selectmen.

Dunn said the town will spend $1 million on road repairs and upgrades this summer.

Included in the tentative list and in the order provided to The Laconia Daily Sun is Summit Avenue from the bridge to the intersection of Edgewater Drive, portions of Liberty Hill, a portion of Kimball Road, a portion of Saltmarch Pond Road, Ryswick Street, a portion of Mountain Drive, Weeks Road, Poor Farm Road, Greenleaf Trail, Barefoot Place, Juniper Ridge from Curtis Road to Partridge Lane, Airport Road, a portion of Cumberland Road, and Edgewater Drive (West) from Summit Avenue to 290 Edgewater Drive.

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