Akwa Marina’s beach being washed away by city stormwater

By RICK GREEN, Laconia Daily Sun

LACONIA — Richard Mailloux isn't having much luck with his request that the city fix a stormwater pipe that is washing away the beach at a resort he owns in The Weirs.

The pipe is supposed to carry storm runoff to an area beyond the small beach at Akwa Marina. His shorefront complex includes boat docks, lodging, a bar and restaurant, along with a swimming pool, hot tub, fire pits and cabanas. Future plans call for a five-story extended-stay hotel.

Instead of carrying the water beyond the sand, the pipe has apparently broken behind a rock wall above the sand. Water oozes onto the beach, slowly carrying the sand into the water and leaving a dirty mess after storms. State regulation limits his ability to bring in sufficient replacement sand.

“I have a sandy beach that I'm quite proud of and it's being destroyed,” Mailloux said. “It's being destroyed because the city of Laconia's drainage system has failed, and it's been going on since 2013.”

The city contends he is responsible for fixing the problem.

Mailloux put in an extensive drainage system that protects his land and nearby railroad tracks that were being washed out by runoff. He wants the city to tie in to that system and bypass the damaged pipe, a solution he contends could be done for a few thousand dollars.

He said he could bear the expense, but feels he shouldn't have to.

“I didn't create the problem and it's not my system,” he said. “I don't feel I should be repairing the city's drainage system.

“It's short money. It's goodwill, and it's something that I shouldn't have to do. We're good people. My children like living here. Enough is enough. My beach is being destroyed.”

Mailloux has voiced his concerns to the city Public Works Department and appeared before the City Council last week to ask for action.

City workers have told him he is responsible for fixing the stormwater system that is damaging his beach.

Public Works Director Wes Anderson said that, when Mailloux submitted plans for the resort more than a dozen years ago, he was to construct a building in the area where the city's stormwater system is located. Those plans called for him to move the system to make way for the building.

“When the planning board approved it, part of that board action was the requirement for him to install replacement pipe that goes a different route, and do away with that pipe going onto his beach,” Anderson said.

However, Mailloux's plans changed. He never constructed that building, so there was no reason to reroute the city's system.

“If I don't ever have to build the building, why do I have to do new drainage?” he asked. “They need to repair it.

“I don't want a fight with the town. I want to get along with them, but certain things are right and certain things are wrong. They should repair their drainage line.”

06 20 Akwa Marina beach

Richard Mailloux stands above a beach at his Akwa Marina. He says a broken city stormwater pipe is eroding his beach. (Rick Green, Laconia Daily Sun) 

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Campground plans withdrawn after neighbors complain

Owner says she may try again


LACONIA — A Massachusetts woman has withdrawn controversial plans to build a campground in a 99-acre rural and residential area near Parade and Roller Coaster roads.

Jill Miller of Chelmsford sent an email to the Planning Department on Monday withdrawing her applications for the project, which was also to include a store and a restaurant.

Neighbors were vehement in their opposition. They cited concerns over pollution, traffic hazards, trespassing and harm to property values. The Zoning Board of Adjustment on April 17 asked Miller to come back with more specifics, including how many camping spaces would be built and how sewage would be handled.

Miller says she and her proposal have been misunderstood. She speaks of a tasteful development that would be good for the area, and better than other potential options for the land, which is where a lumber mill once operated.

In her email to the city, she left the door open for refiling the proposal in the future.

“At this time I would like to respectfully withdraw all of the applications I have on file with the Zoning Board,” she stated. “I will not be able to have all of the requested information that was asked of me from the last meeting for a little bit longer, so I will refile at that time.

“Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you in the future.”

Before she withdrew the proposal, the board had been set to consider her four applications Monday night.

One application was for a variance to build a retail store, another was for a special exception to build a campground, a third was for a special exception to build a neighborhood store and a fourth was for a variance to build an eating-and-drinking establishment.

In an interview Monday, Miller said her proposal has been greeted with falsehoods. She said some of those in opposition were wrong to suggest she wanted to build a saloon. She does not want to sell alcohol. She envisioned a small camp store providing essentials to guests and the community. Food like hot dogs and pizza might be sold.

“I was trying to improve the community,” she said.

She wasn't definitive about future plans.

“Wait and see,” she said.

Peter Spanos, one of the neighbors, said he had major concerns over environmental issues, including air pollution from dozens of campfires and contamination arising from campground sewage.

The proposal was not well planned and lacked specifics, he said.

“It wasn't even on the back of a napkin,” Spanos said.

He is one of many neighbors who packed the earlier board meeting to voice opposition.

“Generally, when an entire neighborhood rises up in opposition to a proposal, generally it's not a good idea to proceed with it,” he said.


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Inter-Lakes High School graduates

06 20 ILHS graduation 1 Karen Bobotas

Lindsey Rosette is surprised by her brother, Matthew Rosette, moments after receiving her diploma during Inter-Lakes High School graduation Saturday morning at Prescott Park. (Karen Bobotas/for The Laconia Daily Sun)

MEREDITH — Members of the graduating class at Inter-Lakes High School are:

Hannah M. Ainsworth, Stephanie Lynn Andrews, Cora-Lynn Marie Batchelder, Kailee Ann Bennett, Haillie S. Bessonett, Mya Bleakney, Brielle Sarah Bradley, Najheir George Brown, Maegan Kathleen Bunnell, and Barak Christian Busby;

Also, Joshua Richard Catalano, Kiara Ann Connaughton, Lucy Cunningham, Patrick S. Curran Jr., Stephen Davis, Rachael Katherine Davis, William Lewis Day III, Shawn Brooks DeFlorio, Katie Ann DeRoche, Margaux Claire Dickinson, Matthew James Duffield, Drew Daniel Dunlap, Madelyn Ann Dupont, and Shawn Dyment;

Also, Kathleen Grace Gallagher, Alexander Darben George, Makenzie Renee Giroux, Ian Arthur Graustein, Owen Greene, Alex James Hanson, Jean-Pierre Chavarri Hernandez, Ryan Christopher Kelly, and Brianna Rose Knauss;

Also, Andrew Harrison Lacaillade, Makayla Frances Leeber, Dylan Taylor Lines, Joseph Matthew Lovell, Shannon Considine Mahoney, Nathan Collins Manville, Nicholas Jenkins Manville, Coleman Avery Mason, Isabelle L. Mayo, and Brendan Renna-Moynihan;

Also, Elizabeth Jane Osuchowski, Rebecca Joan Otis, Corinne Ina Parker, Nocera Emilee Range, Tyler Michael Reid, Catherine Elizabeth Roberts, Alexandra Elizabeth Robinson, Thomas Alan Robinson, and Lindsey Michelle Rosette;

Also, Anthony Salamanca, Mykenzi Locke Sanders, Joshua Michael Schmalle, Samuel Raymond Seeley, Nicole Seeley, Collin Michael Sheehan, Jade Dailey Smith, Noah Koel Sullivan, Matthew Alexander Sundius, and Zachary John Swanson;

Also, Logan Taylor, Alyssa Sandra Taylor, Justin Christopher James Tinker, Meghan Eaton Tubb, Eric N. Walton, and Jackson Carter Williams.

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