New Hampton woman attacks her mother


LACONIA — A 27-year-old New Hampton woman is being held on $25,000 cash or corporate surety bail after allegedly attempting to kill her mother by pulling a zippered sweatshirt around her neck and putting her hand over the woman's mouth Wednesday.

Jessica Cooper, of 60 NH Route 132 N, also allegedly assaulted and resisted the New Hampton police officer while he was trying to arrest her.

Affidavits from police say New Hampton officer were called to the home around 10:30 p.m. by the victim, who had gotten to her car. Police said she had a large laceration on her neck.

When the officer, who was later joined by an Ashland officer and an off-duty New Hampton sergeant, tried to arrest Cooper, she allegedly started yelling swearing, kicking and spitting at him.

The Ashland officer assisted in getting one hand in handcuffs but she allegedly swung her arm around and cut the New Hampton officer's finger with the handcuffs.

After being placed in the cruiser, she alleged spat at the officer but missed and hit the door. Police said she threw up in the cruiser while being transported to the Belknap County Jail.

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Northfield man injured in motorcycle crash on Elm St.

LACONIA — A Northfield man who crashed his motorcycle on Elm Street just before 3 a.m. Thursday was taken to Lakes Region General Hospital for what police said may be serious injuries.

Police said they are investigating the crash and ask that anyone with any information to call the Laconia Police at 524-5252 or 524-1717.

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Trump visits Laconia

09-16 Trump 15Sep16284319

Mary Ann Logsdon of Laconia shows off her “Deplorables for Trump” sign to Ruthie Reingold at Laconia Middle School last night. (Karen Bobotas/for The Laconia Daily Sun)


Middle school is filled with locals supporting candidate


LACONIA — "I'm a messenger," Donald Trump told a capacity crowd of more than 2,000 filling the gym at Laconia Middle School last evening, then began by offering an apocalyptic vision of a country on the brink of ruin before turning to a bright promise of a roseate future of prosperity and security without limits across the land. "It will be a beautiful sight to see," he said.

"We're going to stop all the problems you have," Trump said. We're going to stop them." He recalled that the day before he went to Flint, Michigan "to address the water crisis." He said once the people of Flint made automobiles while the water in Mexico was undrinkable, but now the people of Mexico make cars and the people of Flint cannot drink the water. "That's what's happening to our country," he said, then reassured the crowd that "everything that is broken today can be fixed."

Trump vowed to replace "a policy of globalism with Americanism," touching off chants of USA, USA, USA. He said that he would turn bad trade deals into great trade deals, lower taxes for all Americans, reduce government regulation and allow every family to choose where to school their children. "There will be no limit to the number of jobs and prosperity," he said. "I will fight for every neglected part of this nation."

Trump repeated his promise to build a wall on the southern border, sparking another round chanting "Build That Wall," and added that "Mexico will pay for it, they just don't know it yet, but they will be happy to do it."

Liz Dingolo of Bridgewater, who has worked at Titeflex Aerospace for 33 years, said that as a Christian her first choices were Ben Carson and Ted Cruz, but then she was taken by Trump's message. "I believe in making America great again and our government should be working for us," she said. "Nobody else can do it."

Lori Benoit of Laconia was eager to hear the message. "We belong to the basket of deplorables," she remarked. "I really am and I'm proud of it." She said that Trump was her first choice from the outset, because "I like his policies, especially bringing the country back and not losing our heads to ISIS."

Jack Leonard, a retiree from Belmont was for Trump from the beginning. "He likes America and he's for the people," he said. "Half the country's not working and making more money than they were." Trump, he believed, would change that.

Fran Wendelboe of New Hampton, a veteran Republican activist and former state legislator, said that she first supported Cruz, but since has joined the Trump campaign as a volunteer. "I'm pleased to see the campaign coming together and becoming a traditional grassroots campaign."

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Donald J. Trump speaks to the crowd. (Karen Bobotas/for The Laconia Daily Sun)


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