Mayhew plans to expand services

Meredith funeral home wants to build new cremation location

MEREDITH — Peter and Kelley Mayhew will be going before the Meredith Zoning Board of Adjustment tonight (Thursday), seeking a variance to allow the Mayhew Funeral Home to build a crematorium on Commerce Court.
Peter Mayhew said the funeral home is looking to provide for both human and pet cremations in order to better serve the community.
“We want to expand what we’re doing now and involve pet cremations,” Mayhew said. “There is nothing in the area that does anything like that. It boils down to we need room to expand.”
He explained that the state does not allow the chamber used for humans to be used for animal cremations. Instead, there have to be separate brick-lined chambers for receiving the bodies of humans and animals.
The new, larger facility being proposed in the Business/Industry District would be for cremation only, with the funeral home remaining at its current location at 204 Daniel Webster Highway.
The Mayhews, who also operate a funeral home in Plymouth, are looking build the new facility on property for which Charles E. Thorndike is the trustee.
The Zoning Board also will be hearing a request for a special exception to allow Scott and Colleen Nolan to build a home with attached garage on Red Pine Road in the Meredith Neck District. The special exception is necessary because the property lies within the wetland buffer.
The meeting is scheduled at 7 p.m. at the Meredith Community Center, where the future use of the crematorium at their current location will also be discussed.

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State Democratic chair says St. Clair victory part of trend

09 13 Charlie St. Clair

Charlie St. Clair, newly elected as Belknap County District 9 state representative, stands outside his business, the Laconia Antique Center. (Adam Drapcho/Laconia Daily Sun)


LACONIA — In flipping Belknap House District 9, Charlie St. Clair showed Democrats can compete in any district in the coming year, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley said.

“Voters are rejecting the Trump-Sununu agenda every chance they get, choosing results and hope over nonsense and negativity,” he said.

“St. Clair will be a great addition to the legislature, fighting for all Granite Staters," Buckley said after St. Clair defeated Republican Steven Whalley Tuesday in a district where GOP voters outnumber Democrats.

State Republican Chair Jeanie Forrester minimized the victory.

"Special elections often favor the party out of power,” she said. “The fact remains that under Republican leadership, 75 percent of voters agree New Hampshire is headed in the right direction. We remain confident Republicans will succeed in 2018 and beyond."

St. Clair defeated Whalley, 1,268 to 1,010, in a district that takes in Laconia and Belmont.

He will succeed Republican Robert Fisher, who resigned in a scandal over his creation of a website critical of women.

The state Democratic Party said in a news release the district has 12 percent more registered Republican voters than Democrats and that this is the third special election this year in which Democrats have flipped seats that were in Republican control.

The GOP maintains strong majority control in the state House.

Whalley said he was disappointed.

“It's not what I expected,” he said. “I made a serious effort and I was committed to the idea that I would do the job as well as I could.”

St. Clair said he tried to run a race that transcended party politics, and admitted to thinking his chances of victory were a “long shot.”

“I am overwhelmed,” he said after the vote totals were reported.
In a Sept. 5 filing with the New Hampshire Secretary of State's office, Whalley listed $961 total expenditures on the race. Also, the Republican State Committee spent $2,343 on his behalf and the NH Priorities PAC spent $1,816.

America Votes Action Fund spent $3,072 on mailers for St. Clair. There were no further listings with the Secretary of State for St. Clair. Wyatt Ronan, a spokesman for the state Democratic Party, said it spent about $2,000 on St. Clair's behalf, but that this would be included in a later filing with the state. The county Democratic Party did not return a call for comment on its spending on the race.

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Migliore picks up two votes in recount for Grafton District 9

CONCORD — Vincent Paul Migliore (R-Bridgewater) took the oath of office on Wednesday after a recount confirmed his win in the special election to fill the vacant House seat in Grafton County District 9.
Migliore picked up two votes in the recount requested by Joshua Adjutant (D-Bristol) for a final count of 613-561, with Grafton Libertarian John Babiarz’s tally of 28 being unchanged.
Adjutant on Tuesday night posted on his Facebook page: “I want everyone to know that even if we don't come out on top, we will be back, with more numbers.”
The recount was a long shot, with the 50-vote margin representing 4 percent of the 1,200 votes cast in the election. State statutes set the fees for recounts, with a filing fee of $10 when the difference is less than 1 percent; $20 when the difference is between 1 and 2 percent, and $40 when it is between 2 and 3 percent. Beyond that, a candidate has to pay the $40 filing fee plus cover the entire cost of the recount.
Migliore was anxious about the recount because it was set for the same day the governor and Executive Council were meeting in Manchester. After the 8:30 a.m. recount in Concord, the winning candidate would have to travel to Manchester in order to take the oath of office, or wait two weeks for the next governor and council meeting. If not sworn in on Wednesday, the representative would not have an opportunity to file legislation for the coming session because the deadline for submitting bills is Sept. 16.
Migliore was able to make that deadline and, by 11 a.m., was the official representative for District 9.

09 13 Migliore
Vincent Paul Migliore takes the oath of office before Gov. Chris Sununu, with his wife, Louise, looking on, in a ceremony at the NH Food Bank in Manchester on Wednesday morning. (Courtesy photo)

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