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Sandwich, USA 3, Vera Cruz, Mexico 1, but good will the winner after 8th international soccer match

SANDWICH — Thursday evening on Quimby Field in Center Sandwich, the latest installment of the annual USA vs Mexico soccer game was contested (c between Gillette Show (carnival) workers, who mostly hail from Vera Cruz, Mexico, and the adult Sandwich soccer team. Stemming spontaneously between Sandwich players and the visiting workers eight years ago, the game has since grown into a fun community event with a potluck dinner and barbecue after the game. Attendance from the town and fair workers and visitors has grown quickly.
With both teams decked out in orange and blue jerseys provided by Calico Graphics and Olde Orchard Inn, the action was underway after the usual introductions and negotiations by liaisons Ashley Bullard and Jeff Hussman, who eight years ago first invited the international guests to play. This year the match started out at a wild pace with Parker Hanson tallying in the 10th minute to give Sandwich the lead. The Mexican contingent was not discouraged as they pressed hard and worked for several chances at goal, lead by their captain, former Mexican semi-professional, Ali Morales only to be thwarted by Sandwich goalkeeper, and MVP, Mark Brunell. A hand ball gave Mexico a chance in the 30th minute with a penalty kick only for Brunell to make a stunning save.
With no half time due to impending darkness, the teams played on at a feverish pace as Mexican goalkeeper Charlie "the Fisherman" held strong as Sandwich attacked again and again. Mike Lemein broke through with an impressive dribbling effort and slotted the ball near post in the 50th minute and 10 minutes later Sandwich Parks and Recreation Director, Leo Greene, clinically finished a cross from Jeff Hussman to ice the game.
With time winding down Mexico fired in a goal off the foot of Morales and darkness deemed it full time. The pot luck afterwards was well attended and delicious. Organizers expressed thanks to Calico Graphics for jerseys, Aubuchon Hardware of Moultonborough and manager Mark Tuckerman for donating use of the grill.

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Burglary arrest made after girl friend fails to buy 'can't find the hamburger' story

LACONIA — A city man has been charged with one count of burglary for allegedly breaking into his employer's workplace and taking some radios and a Dewalt Sawzall because he believed his employer had shorted his previous paycheck by $60.

David R. Nelson, 25, whose former address is on North Main Street, is also charged with two counts of possession of narcotics for having small amounts of non-prescribed oxycodone and suboxine on him when he was arrested.

According to affidavits obtained from the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division, police were first notified of the burglary by a different employee.

The employee said he learned about the burglary from a woman who is one of Nelson's friends and reported it to his boss, who then returned to his shop and noticed the side door had been jimmied.

Police interviewed Nelson's friend, who said Nelson told her he was riding his bicycle to Vista and left her apartment around 6 p.m. on October 8. She said she thought it was weird that he wasn't back by 6:30 p.m. She told police she spoke to him on the phone and that he said he was in Vista but couldn't find the hamburger.

She said he returned to her apartment at 7 p.m. and allegedly told her what he had done and why. She told police Nelson allegedly had the stolen items in his backpack.

The woman told police Nelson was wearing a red sweatshirt and a Captain Morgan cap and was carrying a camouflage backpack when he left the house. She told police when he told her what he had allegedly done, she became angry and "kicked him out of the house."

A man who lives near the shop also told police he had seen a man wearing the same clothing ride up to the shop around 6:30 p.m.

While police were interviewing the shop owner, one officer got a call from the woman who said Nelson had called to tell her he was on his way over to her apartment to get the tools so he could allegedly "hide them in a friend's garage."

A police officer detained Nelson as he was leaving the woman's apartment. He was still wearing the same clothing. She told police that she didn't want Nelson there any more.

In court yesterday, the city prosecutor argued that Nelson had no known ties to Laconia and was wanted on a non-extraditable warrant from Florida. He asked for $10,000 cash-only bail. He noted that Nelson has an extensive criminal record that includes four previous burglary convictions and a felon in possession of a deadly weapon for which he got a 25-year suspended sentence.

Nelson's attorney requested $2,000 cash bail saying he it wasn't a residential burglary and saying he would live in Gilford with one of his friends.

Judge Jim Carroll set Nelson's bail at $7,500 cash.

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Arrest made for armed robbery of Tilton store

TILTON — A Northfield man has been charged with armed robbery for the holdup of the Tilton Shop Express convenience store on August 21.

David Messier, Jr., 33, was arrested by Franklin Police on October 10 and is also being charged with the September 9 armed robbery of the Franklin Shop Express.

Shannon Gauthier, 32, of Northfield has been charged with one count of being an accomplice to robbery for allegedly driving the get-away car for Messier in the Tilton hold up.

Police Chief Robert Cormier said detectives arrested a third person, Angela Kulacz, 34, of Franklin, late yesterday afternoon and charged her with criminal liability for another. Cormier said she was being held on $25,000 cash bail and, if she's unable to post it, will appear Tuesday in the 6th Circuit Court, Franklin Division.

Cormier said police allege Messier entered the Tilton Shop Express around 3:30 p.m. wearing a mask and pointing a gun at the clerk. He said the clerk gave him an undisclosed amount of money.

Messier allegedly fled on foot but Cormier said Gauthier allegedly picked him up shortly after the robbery.

He said police have recovered at least two weapons and he said one of them was likely used in the Tilton robbery.

Cormier said Tilton and Franklin police detectives worked together to make the above arrests. He said more charges and more arrests from both departments are likely forthcoming.

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Budget feud extends to whether or not reps will get paid

LACONIA — Anticipating that with its next meeting, the Belknap County Convention will have busted its 2013 budget, Rep. Frank Tilton (R-Laconia), who chairs the delegation's Executive Committee, said yesterday that he has advised his 17 colleagues not to expect to receive their stipend or be reimbursed for mileage for attending meetings during the remainder of the year.

The appropriation for the convention is $15,550, consisting of $3,500 for meeting fees, $10,000 for legal services, $450 for publishing public notices and $1,600 for mileage reimbursement. During the first three quarters of the year, ending on September 30, 97.6-percent of the total appropriation was spent. The convention has spent $5,050 on meeting fees, or 144 percent of its budget, $7,061 on legal fees, or 71 percent of its budget, $1,059 on public notices, or 235 percent of its budget and $2,002 on mileage reimbursement, or 125 percent of its budget. Altogether the convention is projected to spend $20,025, over spending its by 32 percent, by year end.

Last week, for a second time, the Belknap County Commissioners sought approval from the Executive Committee to transfer funds from the contingency account to defray the projected overage. County Administrator Debra Shackett said that the commissioners believe they are bound by statute (RSA 29:9-ee) to pay and reimburse members of the convention for attending meetings and requested the transfer in order to comply with the law during the remainder of the year.

Through September the convention had overspent its $5,100 budget for meeting fees and mileage reimbursement by $1,952 and is projected to close the year $3,475 in the red.

Tilton said that the request reached the committee this week too late to be considered and deferred the discussion and decision until October 22. He said that he told members of the convention that once the budget for meeting fees was exhausted, they should not expect to be paid or reimbursed for attending subsequent meetings.

However, he did not rule out transferring funds, noting that the convention is projected to overrun its budget for printing public notices in local newspapers. Any transfer of funds, he said, would be applied to outstanding debts with vendors, not to paying and reimbursing members. "The convention does not address its own needs before those of others," Tilton said. "That's leadership 101."

Shackett said that while the convention is responsible for appropriations, the commissioners are responsible for expenditures. Referring to the statute, she said that "the commissioners cannot decide not to pay fees and mileage. Until they tell us they choose not to be paid," she continued, "we believe they must be paid."

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