Josh Logan in Laconia for free concert on Friday

LACONIA — Singer, songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Josh Logan will perform in a free Putnam Fund sponsored concert Friday at 7 p.m. at Laconia High School.
Logan is well-known in the Lakes Region, having performed at Weirs Beach during Laconia Motorcycle Week this year and previously in 2013.
He is best know for his performances on the television shows Rock Star: Supernova and The Voice.
By the age of 15, Logan was already on-stage as the front man for the local New England rock band Gunshy. The band released one album in 1996, but broke up when Logan was 18. After the breakup, Logan played at local venues for two years as a solo artist, hosting open mic nights as well as performing, to hone his skills as a solo musician.
In the early 2000s, he formed the three-piece band Josh Logan & Nobody's Business with hired musicians. Within a few years, he had earned the title "hardest working musician in Manchester" from the local newspaper, The Hippo. Logan was also one of 100 semi-finalists in the Disc Makers "Independent Northeast Songwriting Competition." In December 2004, the band released a self-titled full length CD. Its first single "Painful Breath" was aired on the New Hampshire Clear Channel rock stations WGIR, ''Rock 101'' and WHEB.
In 2007, Logan formed The Josh Logan Band which is composed of Logan on vocals and rhythm guitar, Nate Comp on lead guitar, Matt Reignkin on bass, and Ryan Barrett on drums. The band released the album Gone Tomorrow, Here Today in 2012.

Work begins on downtown parking garage repairs

LACONIA — Work began yesterday to repair the ramps leading to and from the middle deck of the downtown parking garage as a contractor started stripping the paint from those sections of the exposed steel beams supporting the ramps most severely compromised by corrosion.

The parking garage was closed last week when an assessment of the structure by Bob Durfee of Dubois & King, Inc. discovered that corrosion from wet weather and road salt has left the ramps in a weakened condition. While work has begun to address the ramps, the assessment of the garage has continued.

Apart from removing the lead paint, the lead particles were being vacuumed, funneled into a hopper and emptied into drums, which will be sealed and shipped to an appropriate facility as hazardous waste.

Bob Ayers of R.M. Piper, Inc. said that he once the paint is removed the extent of the damage and required repairs can be determined more precisely. He expected work could begin replacing and strengthening sections of corroded beams and joints as soon as next week. He estimated that the repairs required to reopen the ramps to the middle deck could take four weeks to complete.

City Manager Scott Myers said that the immediate priority is to restore access to the middle deck of the garage. He said that a survey of downtown parking conducted two years ago, which included random visits to the garage once each week for eight months found that the middle deck, which has space for approximately 100 vehicles, was never filled to capacity.

DES authorizes repairs to cemetery damaged by erosion

LACONIA — At the request of the Department of Public Works, the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (DES) has authorized the Union Cemetery Association to address the damage caused by high water in Meadow Brook and Durkee Brook during the heavy rainstorm last week.

A five-foot culvert carrying Meadow Brook underground along the south side of the cemetery failed, opening a large sinkhole, and rising water collapsed a stretch of bank on Durkee Brook on the north edge of the cemetery. At both locations, measures are required to protect adjacent burial plots and mausoleums placed at risk from further erosion.

The emergency authorization will enable the association to replace about 60 feet of the failed culvert on Meadow Brook and stabilize some 90 feet of stream bank on Durkee Brook. John Perley, president of the Union Cemetery Association, said Steven J. Smith & Associates will engineer the project and Lyman Construction will perform the work.

Suzanne Perley, who manages the association's accounts, anticipates that the cost of the two projects will exceed $50,000. She said that funds have been set aside in anticipation of improving the roadways through the cemetery and expected they would now be applied to defraying the cost of the repairs.

In authorizing the work DES required the association and its contractor to adhere to a number of conditions intended to forestall further adverse impacts to the brooks and their surroundings.