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Police charge Laconia man with rape

LACONIA — A Batchelder Street man is facing one count of aggravated felonious sexual assault (rape) after his arrest for an incident reported on January 17.

Police said officers responded to Lakes Region General Hospital and received the complaint.

Police charge Fatmir Gasi, 52, of 72 Batchelder St. used physical force to overcome his victim. They described the relationship between Gasi and his alleged victim as acquaintances.

Gazi refused bail and is being held at the Belknap County House of Corrections. He is scheduled for a video arraignment this morning.

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Sen. Ayotte to speak & answer questions in Laconia on Wed. morning

LACONIA – U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte is holding a town hall meeting tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the VFW on 142 Court Street.

Ayotte will provide and update on the nation's fiscal situation and take questions from the audience.

Wednesday's forum is part of a series of town hall meetings Ayotte is holding throughout the year.

"New Hampshire citizens are rightly concerned about the fiscal conditions of our condition of our country, and I look forward to hearing directly from Belknap County residents and updating them of my efforts to put America on a fiscally sustainable path," said Senator Ayotte, a member of the Senate Budget Committee.

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Selectmen propose 8.6% hike in Sanbornton road budget

SANBORNTON — Selectmen have approved a $781,000 Highway Department budget for fiscal year 2014-2015, an amount $62,000 (8.6-percent) higher than what was approved for the current fiscal year.

The approved amount, which still has to be vetted by the Budget Committee, reflects an increase in $10,000 for an administrative assistant said Selectman Karen Ober.

Ober said last week she recalls a part-time administrator being added to the Highway Department budget at least five years ago but the position was housed in the town offices because there was no space in the old highway garage.

She said she knows about the position because her husband Steve was a selectmen at the time and she applied for it.

"Of course, I didn't get it," she said with a laugh.

Ober said she thinks that when one town administrator left — some time around 2007 — and another took over, there was an assumption that the position was for the administration branch and not for the Highway Department.

Now that the town has a new highway department building, she said there is office space for the administrative assistant.

Other proposed increases in 2014-2015 are an additional $7,000 for roller rental. She said the department rents a roller in the spring but the additional $7,000 will allow the roads to be rolled in the fall as well as the spring.

Ober also said selectmen added $12,000 to the vehicle repair and maintenance line. She said historically, the department has spent about $45,000 annually and the increase reflects the true amount spend on repair and maintenance.

She said the Board of Selectmen also voted to increase the construction materials line and the line for sand and salt. For the past two years, she said the salt and sand line has been over-expended from the $100,000 that was budgeted.

She also said selectmen added an addition $13,000 in the materials line that will enable the department to buy more gravel for the roads.

The increases to the Highway Department budget were not unanimously supported, Ober noted, saying that selectman David Nickerson voted against them. Chair Guy Giunta joined her in the majority

The review for the Highway Department budget comes at an interesting time in town, because as this budget was being prepared, the Highway Privatization Committee continues its work.

The goal of the privatization committee is to evaluate Sanbornton's needs verses what it is spending now and see if it is more economical and appropriate to subcontract road maintenance to a private operator.

As it stand now, the Budget Committee is scheduled to review the Selectman's proposed budget on January 28 at 6 p.m.

The proposed highway budget does not include the budget for the transfer station which is proposed by selectmen at $127,413.

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Family & friends help Tony Maheux celebrate his 100th birthday

LACONIA — Antonio "Tony" Maheux was honored by friends and family on his 100th birthday Saturday at Laconia Country Club.
Maheux was presented with a Centenarian Proclamation by Brenda Kean, executive director of the Laconia Historical and Museum Society at the celebration, an event at which many stories were recounted about Maheux, who was stepfather to the seven children of his wife of 40 years, Noella (Walker) Gagne and for years ran his own painting and wallpapering business in Laconia.
''He was very good to my kids,'' said Noella, who said that she and Tony met a few years after the death of her first husband, Sylvio Gagne, in 1970.
At the time she had six children living at home and one in the armed services ranging in age from 10 to 25 and recalled that she had called Tony to have him so do some wallpapering for her. ''I talked to him while he was wallpapering and we got to know each other and shortly after that we started dating,'' she recalls.
They were married in 1973 and lived on High Street in a home which once belonged to 19th century Laconia Mayor Charles Busiel.
Maheux, who now sees only shadows due to macular degeneration in his eyes, grew up in Laconia and counted among his early jobs working as a logger and delivering cords of woods to households using his father's truck. He worked at what was then Laconia Hospital from 1934 to 1946, when he started his on business.
He was a jack of all trades at the hospital, where he did everything from mowing the lawns and maintenance to running the boiler room when the regular worker was on vacation and even lending a hand in the operating room.
''I used to help Doctor Abbott sometimes. I remember holding a man's leg when the doctor put a pin in it. Other times I'd help put body casts on and move the patients from room to room or help them stand up after an operation,'' said Maheux.
His work was so valued at the hospital that when he was drafted during World War II the hospital asked that he be classified as essential worker because he was so valuable to keeping the hospital running.
Following the war he opened his own painting and wallpapering business which he ran from 1946 until he retired in 1982. After his retirement he would often help family and friends by doing carpentry, painting and wallpapering in their homes.
''He's a wonderful guy. I don't know what my mother and all of us kids would have done without him,'' says his stepson Mark Gagne.


Antonio 'Tony' Maheux celebrated his 100th birthday at Laconia Country Club Saturday. He is shown with his wife of 40 years, Noella, and Brenda Kean, center, executive director of the Laconia Historical and Museum Society, who presented him with a Centenarian Proclamation in honor of his birthday. (Roger Amsden photo for the Laconia Daily Sun)

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