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Barnstead women allegedly drove after smoking spice or pot & had infant in car

CIRCUIT COURT — A Barnstead woman was ordered held on $1,500 cash only bail after allegedly driving a car after smoking spice and/or marijuana with her one-week old grandchild in the back seat on September 7.

Jodie Buffam, 47, of Dam Site Road, is charged with one count of driving while intoxicated, one count of possession of marijuana, one count of endangering the welfare of a child and one count of breach of bail.

The breach of bail charge stems from Buffam's arrest for driving while intoxicated on August 25. During that traffic stop she was also charged with possession of marijuana and criminal trespass for being at the Barnstead Town Beach after it closed at 9 p.m.

Buffam, who appeared by video in the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division on Monday, said she had fallen asleep at the beach and the police officer who woke her arrested her.

Prosecutor Anthony Estee asked for cash bail of $1,000 each new charge plus the bail violation. He said he had concerns regarding the close time proximity between the two alleged offenses and felt she was a danger to the public.

Public Defender Justin Littlefield said Buffam has no criminal past and no previous violations on her driving record. He noted she is an full-time employee of nursing home in Ossipee, has worked there for eight years, and lives in Barnstead with her fiance. He said she poses no fight risk.

Littlefield also challenged the amount of time it would take for the state lab to analyze the exact substance found in her purse during the inventory search — described a Colorado Krush incense in the police affidavits.

Judge Jim Carroll said what was clear to him was that he has great concerns for the safety of others — especially in light of the allegations she was high on something while she had a one-week old in the car.

He said he was also concerned that she violated her bail conditions and ordered her not to drive and to be held on $1,500 cash only bail.

As of yesterday, Buffam had posted bail and was no longer in the Belknap County House of Corrections.

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More Belknap County primary election results

Hurt, Vadney, Dumais and Aldrich advance from GOP House primary for Gilford/Meredith seats

GILFORD & MEREDITH — In Tuesday's Republican primary election for the four seats in the New Hampshire House of Representatives in Belknap District 2 George Hurt of Gilford led the four GOP nominees with 977 votes followed by incumbent Herb Vadney of Meredith with 963 votes, Russ Dumais of Gilford with 895 votes and Glen Adrich of Gilford with 736 votes. Michael Hatch and John Hodson, both of Meredith, polled 481 votes and 430 votes respectively.
Hurt, Vadney, Dumaid and Aldrich will face Democrats Lisa DiMartino, who is seeking her second term in the House, Nancy Frost and Dorothy Piquado, all of Gilford, and Sandra Mucci of Meredith in the general election on November 4.

Fields survives GOP primary in Sanbornton & Tilton; joined on ticket by Gallagher

SANBORNTON & TILTON — Brian Gallagher of Sanbornton topped the poll in Tuesday's Republican primary election for the two seats in the New Hampshire House of Representatives in Bellknap District 4 with 441 votes. He will be joined on the general election ballot in November by Dennis Fields, also of Sanbornton who came second with 335 votes in his bid for a 15th term in the House. Richard Brothers of Sanbornton ran third and out of the money with 264 votes.
Gallagher and Fields will face Democrats Ian Raymond of Sanbornton, who is seeking a second term in the House, and Jane Alden of Tilton in the general election on November 4.

Varney and Russell come out of GOP House primary in Alton & Gilmanton

ALTON & GILMANTON — Newcomer Peter Varney of Alton and former lawmaker David Russell of Gilmanton were the top finishers in the field of five vying for the Republican nomination to the two seats in the New Hampshire House of Representatives Belknap District 5, Alton and Gilmanton, in Tuesday's GOP primary. Varney led with 584 votes while Russell polled 482 votes. They were trailed by Mike Metcalfe of Gilmanton with 215 votes, Gary Theodora of Alton with 178 votes and Joel Lambert of Alton with 170 votes.
Varney and Russell will face Democrats Deb Chase and Hammond Brown, both of Gilmanton, in the general election on November 4.

Howard tops Swinford in GOP House primary for District 8

ALTON, BARNSTEAD & GILMANTON — Ray Howard of Alton topped Elaine Swinford of Barnstead in Tuesday's Republican primary election for the one seat in Belknap District 8, representing Alton, Barnstead and Gilford, 819 votes to 641 votes.
With no Democrat is running for the seat, Howard will face Peter Bolster, a former Republican representative turned independent candidate, in the general election on November 4.





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Burchell upsets Thomas in bitter GOP primary contest

GILMANTON — Rep. Dick Burchell on Tuesday night scored a stunning upset of incumbent District 2 Belknap County Commissioner John Thomas. Burchell carried three of the four townships in the district (Barnstead, Gilmanton and Tilton) and narrowly lost in Belmont, Thomas's hometown.

Unofficial results compiled by The Daily Sun had Burchell with 800 votes (54 percent) and Thomas with 677.

Burchell and Thomas not only seemed to represent opposite ends of their Republican Party, with Burchell being the more conservative, but were symbols of the ongoing uncivil war between the current Board of Commissioners and the conservative majority of the Belknap County Convention that must approve its budget request. The war has several fronts, not the least of which is what to do to improve conditions — and perhaps enhance programs — at the Belknap County Jail. Thomas has favored a comprehensive approach that would probably end up costing between $30 and $35 million and Burchell is not willing to accept a price tag that is anywhere near that high.

Burchell is almost assured election now, as no Democrat filed to run for commission in District 2.

Burchell carried his hometown of Gilmanton (232 to 134), Barnstead (177 to 170) and Tilton (146 to 106). Thomas carried Belmont (267 to 245).

Burchell is not seeking re-election to his seat in the N.H. House.

Thomas is a longtime former member of the House himself.


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Woman survives heroin overdose at Laconia apartment

LACONIA — Police are investigating a near fatal heroin overdose that occurred at 180 Union Avenue Monday evening.

Police and emergency responders were called to the third floor of the building for a report of an unconscious woman lying in the hallway.

According to police, NARCAN was administered and the woman became alert. She was taken to Lakes Region General Hospital for observation.

The building owner said the woman doesn't live there but had been visiting a friend who lives on the third floor who became concerned about her and called 911.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the Laconia Police at 524-5252 or the Greater Laconia Crime Line at 524-1717.

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