Aavid Thermalloy's kinship with city's industrial heritage results in $20k in donations to Belknap Mill Society

LACONIA — Earlier this year Aavid Thermalloy and Alan Wong, its chief executive officer, donated $20,000 to be shared among community organizations and this week Mayor Ed Engler announced that the company has contributed another $5,000, which two of its employees anonymously matched with equal amounts, to the Belknap Mill Society.
In March Engler, who was entrusted by Aavid to distribute its donations, explained that $20,000 would be shared evenly between the Boys and Girls Club of the Lakes Region, Greater Lakes Child Advocacy Center, Belknap Mill Society and the Immigrant Integration Initiative fostered by the Lakes Region Partnership for Public Heath.
With the most recent contributions, the Belknap Mill Society has benefited from the generosity of Aavid Thermalloy and its employees in the amount of $20,000. Engler said that Aavid, as an advanced manufacturer with its roots and corporate headquarters in the city, had a close affinity with the Belknap Mill, the lasting monument to the city's industrial heritage, which Aavid has inherited and perpetuated.

The original $20,000 donation from Aavid and Wong was made in celebration of the global company's 50th anniversary.

Monday night brush fire chars 3 acres in Belmont

BELMONT — Firefighters from five communities spent two hours Monday evening extinguishing a suspicious fast-moving brush fire that charred slightly over three acres of land behind Weeks Farm on Depot Street.

Chief Dave Parenti said the fire was reported at 6:18 p.m. and initially crews from Belmont tried to tackle it alone by cutting it off from behind.

Parenti said the wind shifted from north to south and the fire began burning back toward firefighters. He said the team was able to get out of the way but lost 800 feet of fire hose when the flames shifted.

He said after the wind shift, the fire jumped a creek and began burning uphill toward the Brookside Mobile Home Park. The command lieutenant called a first alarm that brought forestry crews from Laconia, Gilford, Tilton-Northfield, and Gilmanton for station coverage.

A short time later, Gilmanton crews were assigned to the fire on the Brookside end of it and Sanbornton crews came to Belmont for station coverage.

Parenti said it took about two hours to extinguish the fire and put out the hot spots. He said the Belmont Police are helping the Fire Department investigate the cause of the fire.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the Belmont Police at 267-8350 or the Belmont Fire Department at 267-8333.

Paper burning in a barrel starts fire in Belmont

BELMONT — In the second time in as many days, Belmont fire crews extinguished an outside fire yesterday afternoon that was threatening a structure.

Fire Chief Dave Parenti said they were called to 407 Union Road for a fire started in a barrel that sparked the nearby woods. He said when firefighters arrived, the fire was burning an ATV and other equipment and was coming dangerously close to the home.

He said it jumped over a walking path and came within inches of the house but firefighters were able to extinguish it just in time to save the structure.

Parenti said the homeowner told him he was burning some cardboard and paper in a barrel when "the wind kicked up and blew sparks all over."

Parenti said the homeowner tried to put it out himself before calling the Fire Department.

The amount of damage is difficult to determine said Parenti but added it appears some tires and a trailer were also destroyed.