Erickson hosting a 2nd 'Coffee With The Fire Chief' on Tuesday

LACONIA — Fire Chief Ken Erickson and Deputy Fire Chief Shawn Reilly will host a "Coffee with the Chiefs" session on Tuesday at My Coffee House at 9 a.m.

Erickson said there is no set agenda however he will discuss replacing the SAFER grant money that would allow the city to continue to have nine firefighters — six at Central Station and three at the Weirs Station — on duty at all times.

In addition, Reilly is the link between Lakes Region General Hospital and the Fire Department and is the department spokes person for Emergency Management Response and drug addiction issues.

Erickson will also have plans on hand for the Central Fire Station expansion project.

My Coffee House is located at the intersection of Court and Academy Streets, across from the Belknap County Superior Court House.

Belknap Commission will ask lawmakers permission to move funds around in nursing home budget

LACONIA — Belknap County Commissioners yesterday endorsed requests for six transfers within the 2015 Belknap County Nursing Home budget to cover projected shortages in different accounts.
The largest request was for the transfer of $25,000 to overtime wages from the part-time wages account. Other requests included $13,000 for dietary wages overtime, which would come from full-time dietary wages, $1,750 for housekeeping overtime , $2,000 for office supplies and $2,000 for medical service supplies.
Another transfer involves $800 for overtime wages for training a new billing coordinator.
Commissioners had put off approving the transfers when they met Wednesday because Belknap County Nursing Home Administrator Mathew Logue and County Administrator Deb Shackett were not on the same page when it came to calculating the amounts which needed to be transferred.
The transfer requests will need approval from the Belknap County Convention's Executive Committee, which is expected to meet early next moth to act on them.
Commissioners are also looking to meet with the Executive Committee to discuss a projected $80,000 shortfall in the $2.6 million health insurance budget, which they are hoping to close by offering an incentive for non-union workers to switch from a costlier HMO program to a site of service plan.
Commissioners want to get a sense of how the committee will react if they propose using part of the $200,000 in contingency funds to cover the health insurance shortfall.
The commissioners have also asked Logue to come up with proposals for how Belknap can compete with other counties in hiring nursing home workers. Commission Chairman Dave DeVoy (R-Sanbornton) has noted that other counties are offering a $500 bonus for newly hired workers.

City has year to try and fine-tune Motorcycle Week recycling effort

LACONIA — The sheer volume of trash and recyclables generated at Weirs Beach during Motorcycle Week stretched the capacity of the city to collect and remove it, which undermined the mandatory recycling program introduced in July 2013..

Prior to the introduction of the mandatory recycling program the city's solid waste contractor, which then was Waste Management, Inc., collected at the Weirs every day of the rally. At the same time, Charlie St. Clair, executive director of the Laconia Motorcycle Week Association, took it upon himself to collect recyclable material — bottles, cans and cardboard — at the end of each day.

The 91st rally in 2014 was first since the mandatory recycling program began.This year and last, Casella Waste Systems, Inc., which replaced Waste Management as the city's solid waste contractor, has collected trash and recyclables twice a week instead of daily at the Weirs during the rally. In addition, the Department of Public Works (DPW) mounts two shifts each day of the rally to collect trash and recyclables from designated containers placed throughout The Weirs.

The volume of trash and recyclables has not diminished with the frequency of collections. To compensate for reducing collections a number of remote containers for recyclable materials were placed around the Weirs — at Funspot, the Weirs Beach Drive-In Theater, the site of the water slide and near Gulbicki's Towing & Auto Repair. To comply with the mandator recycling program, local businesses were directed to place the recyclable material that accumulated between collections in the remote containers or alternatively deliver them to the Laconia Transfer Station.

Apparently some did while others failed to separate trash and recyclables as the mandatory recycling program requires. A pile of discarded trash, much of it bottles in black plastic bags found one morning at the corner of Lakeside Avenue and Tower Street, which took a crew of four an hour to remove, highlighted the lack of compliance with the recycling program.

City Manager Scott Myers said yesterday that he intends to convene a meeting of city officials and interested parties to review the situation with an eye to designing a more effective collection for the rally next year. He acknowledged that the DPW lacked the equipment to collect trash and recyclables efficiently and did not rule out incurring the additional cost of arranging for Casella Waste Systems to return to daily collections during the rally. He pointed out that if not recycled and added to the waste stream, the sheer volume of recyclable material generated during the rally represents a significant cost to the city.