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Bartlett & Opechee Cove beaches to remain closed through the weekend

LACONIA — Bartlett Beach on Lake Winnisquam and Opechee Cove Beach on Lake Opechee will remain under advisories warning against wading and swimming through the remainder of the week and the entire weekend.

Water samples collected at both beaches on Monday continued to register elevated levels of fecal bacteria in excess of state standards. According to the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services the advisories will remain in effect at the two beaches pending the results of the next round of samples scheduled to be taken on Monday, August 5, which will be announced the next day.

The beach at Ahern State Park on Lake Winnisquam has also been posted because more than a quarter-inch of rain fell in a period of six hours. The posting will be lifted when a 24-hour period passes with no more than a tenth of an inch of rain.

The advisory for Weirs Beach on Lake Winnipesaukee was lifted after the most recent tests reported bacteria levels within state standards.


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Motorcycle rider charged with fleeing into woods when trooper stopped him for violation

LACONIA — A Belmont man who was riding a motorcycle near Lexington Drive on North Main Street and allegedly ran from a state trooper who had stopped him for a violation on Tuesday at 7:15 a.m. was charged with resisting arrest, driving after being deemed a habitual offender, and disobeying a police officer.

Lt. Kevin Duffy said yesterday that Jared Reed, 37, of Belmont was also wanted on an order from the court to take him into custody for non-payment of child support.

Duffy said Trooper Chris Huse was on routine patrol in the Laconia area Tuesday morning when he noticed Reed didn't have a valid inspection sticker on the motorcycle he was riding.

Huse pulled Reed over and reported that Reed initially gave him the name of the person who owned the motorcycle. As the conversation continued, Huse said he learned Reed's real name and when he went back to his cruiser to verify the information, Reed allegedly ran off into the trees.

Huse chased him for a short time and then called Laconia Police for assistance.

Duffy said with the "excellent" cooperation of police, the nearby Belknap County Sheriff's Department and a K-9 unit from Gilford Police, Reed was located in the woods. He also said some troopers from the truck enforcement division and officers from the Department of Fish and Game offered assistance.

He said the dog found Reed hiding in the woods. Duffy said he was taken into custody without further incident and within two hours of the initial stop.

Reed was initially held on the order for non-support and was released on personal recognizance bail for the three newest charges. He has since posted bail.


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Laconia multicultural in sense that many nations are represented in the population but city is still 95% 'white'

LACONIA — During the 12 years since Multicultural Market Day, the city's annual celebration of ethnic and national variety now called the Multicultural Festival, debuted in 2001 the city has grown more diverse, but not by much.

In 2000, the population numbered 16,211, of whom 15,885, or 96.8-percent, were counted as "white" while 10 years later, the population had shrunk to 15,951 with the 15,073 "whites" representing 94.5-percent of the total.

Race, however, is only one measure of diversity, which masks the variety of ethnic groups and nationalities. For instance, the number of Asians in the city increased more than threefold between 2000 and 2010, from 120 to 391 while the number of Hispanics rose from 162 to 250.

Meanwhile, several groups of political refugees have been resettled in Laconia, most under the auspices of Lutheran Social Services. Carol Pierce, who chairs the Refugee Connections Committee, said that resettlement began with Laotians, Cambodians and Vietnamese escaping the turmoil in Southeast Asia and the Bosnians escaping the ethnic cleansing following the collapse of Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

In 2005, more than a dozen Meskhetian Turkish families, orphaned, harassed and persecuted when the Soviet Union fell to pieces, were settled in the city. In 2007 and 2008, some 1,600 Bhutanese Nepalis, driven from Bhutan, after being branded illegal immigrants, denied gainful employment and stripped of political and property rights were resettled in New Hampshire, about 100 in Laconia.

Pierce said that a significant share of the resettled refugees have left the city, primarily to reunite with relatives, pursue employment opportunities or even seek warmer climes. Many of the Turks migrated to Kentucky where work, especially for the men, was more plentiful. The Bhutanese Nepalis, she said, have congregated in Concord. Consequently, said Pierce, immigrants — individuals who have emigrated to the United States through the conventional channels — now outnumber refugees in the city.

"We are still a resettlement community," Pierce said, adding that she anticipated New Hampshire would next become host to refugees from Myanmar, formerly Burma. "Most will likely be resettled in Nashua," she said, "but we may get some."

Refugees have traditionally been relocated in New Hampshire's cities, as opposed to in rural townships, because of the relative availability of affordable housing.

Altogether the Mayor's Human Relations Committee, which sponsors and stages the Multicultural Festival, counts people from 34 countries among the residents of the city: Turkey, Rwanda, Bhutan, Bosnia, Burundi, Columbia, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Iraq, Peru, China, Philippines, Laos, Palestine, Morocco, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Pakistan, Brazil, Guatemala, Sierra Leone, Malaysia, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Croatia, Japan, Sudan, Lithuania, Albania, Spain, Puerto Rico and Cuba.

This years Festival will be held on Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., in an around Rotary Park.


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WOW Trail to benefit from attendance at tonight's Muskrats game

LACONIA — It's WOW Trail Wednesday at the Muskrats game tonight! Laconia will play Keene at Robbie Mills Field, starting at 6:30 p.m.

The WOW Trail is a paved, multi-use recreational trail, built alongside the active railroad bed in the City of Laconia. Presently 1.3 miles long, the Trail spans from Elm Street in Lakeport to North Main Street near Downtown Laconia. 41,000 people currently use the Trail annually.
Design and fundraising is currently underway to extend the Trail another 1.1 miles from North Main Street to the Belmont town line. When completed, the WOW Trail will connect the Laconia communities of Weirs Beach and Lakeport with Downtown via a safe and convenient passageway, all while providing outstanding scenic and recreation opportunities.

The WOW Trail is a not-for-profit 501 (c) 3 organization dedicated to building and maintaining a nine- mile recreational path through the City of Laconia as a part of the regional Winnipesaukee Trail network that will connect Meredith to Franklin. For more information, please visit: www.wowtrail.org.



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