Laconia is recognized for fluoridation of water


CONCORD — The Laconia Water Works is among seven municipal water systems in New Hampshire to receive a Water Fluoridation Quality Award from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for maintaining an optimal level of fluoridated water throughout 2015.

Fluoridation refers to adjusting the concentration of fluoride, which occurs naturally, in drinking water to a level that is effective in preventing tooth decay. Drinking fluoridated water reduces cavities by 25 percent in both children and adults.

"Water fluoridation is one of the best investments that communities can make in maintaining the oral health of their citizens," said Casey Hannan, acting director of the Division of Oral Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "It is equally effective in preventing cavities in children and adults. Fluoridation is also highly cost effective; studies continue to show that for every $1 invested by communities in water fluoridation, $38 is saved in dental treatment costs."

Three-quarters of American, or 211 million people, have access to optimally fluoridated tap water. But fewer than half of New Hampshire residents served by a public water system receive fluoridated water. Many New Hampshire residents are served by private wells, which may or may not have naturally occurring fluoride.

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Hosmer-French vote recount takes place today, along with others


CONCORD — The closely run races for the New Hampshire Senate District 7 and for the New Hampshire House of Representatives in Belknap District 4 — Sanbornton and Tilton — the two voting districts in Belknap County — are among the 13 state elections in which votes will be recounted beginning today.

In Senate District 7, Republican Harold French of Franklin edged Democrat Andrew Hosmer of Laconia by 13,865 to 13,852, a margin of 13 votes among 27,735 votes cast, including 18 scattered write-in votes. Seven votes must change places to reverse the result.

The recount will be held today at the State Archives beginning at 9 a.m.

District 7 includes two cities – Laconia and Franklin, and two towns in Belknap County – Belmont and Gilford, plus six more towns – Andover, Boscawen Canterbury, Northfield, Salisbury and Webster in Merrimack County. French carried the towns of Belmont, Boscawen, Northfield, Salisbury and Webster together with two wards in Franklin and one in Laconia. Hosmer carried five wards in Laconia, one in Franklin and the towns of Andover and Canterbury in Merrimack County.

Also facing a recount are the towns of Sanbornton and Tilton, who elect two representatives for Belknap District 4. Republican Dennis Fields topped the poll with 1,839 votes. But, in the contest for the second seat just 19 votes separated Republican Tim Lang, who polled 1,530 votes, from Democrat Ian Raymond with 1,511 votes.

That recount will be held today in Room 201 of the Legislative Office Building beginning at 9 a.m.

Another recount will take place for Merrimack District 3 for state representative for Franklin Ward 3 and Northfield. Ryan D. Smith had 25 more votes than Deborah H. Wheeler, with a vote tallied at 1,505-1,480. That recount takes place at 1:30 p.m. today in the Legislative Office Building, room 201.

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Moon, accused of dragging police officer, tries to escape Tilton PD


LACONIA — A man who allegedly dragged a police officer during a traffic stop in Belmont and who faces multiple additional charges stemming from his arrest Monday afternoon by Tilton Police, was ordered held on $100,000 cash-only or $150,000 corporate surety bail.

11-15 Hayden Alan MoonHayden Moon, 24, whose last known address is 40 Ridgewood Drive in Gilmanton, waived his arraignment and entered a plea of not guilty to all of the charges.

During his arrest at a traffic stop on Church Street in Tilton, Moon was allegedly in possession of two credit cards that were reported stolen in Concord. Police affidavits said he also had some methamphetamine in his possession that he tried hiding under his buttocks during the traffic stop and while he was a passenger in the back seat of the car.

Moon is also charged with trying to escape from a holding cell in the Tilton Police Station by tying a string to a pen and using the handmade device to lift the latch of the cell door.

He also allegedly gave the officer who stopped the car a false name and is charged with filing a false report to law enforcement.

Affidavits from Tilton Police said a patrol officer stopped the car for defective equipment and the officer noticed one of the passengers seemed impaired from drug use. A second officer came to assist.

Police said that Moon, whom they hadn't yet identified, appeared to be sleeping but the other passengers either mumbled as to why he was sleeping and seemed to be avoiding eye contact with the officers.

When an officer knocked on Moon's window, he looked up and the officer noticed he used his left hand to drop of small square pink plastic bag next to his butt. Moon told the officer he was fine and wasn't using drugs. He told the officer his name was Tyler Wilkins and gave a birth date in 1992.

The others in the car denied knowing Moon and said he was a "transient" and that they were giving him a ride.

In the booking room at the police station, police said Moon kept insisting he was Wilkins and refused to answer personal questions about his family and his early life.

Police said they still hadn't identified Moon but knew he was lying, so they called a sergeant from the Northfield Police who positively identified him as Hayden Moon. After he was identified, police said he "hung his head" and admitted who he was.

The officer said he left the room briefly and that's when Moon tried to jimmy the latch with the pen and some string. When confronted and placed in handcuffs, Moon allegedly said, "Well, I tried."

Moon faces charges in Belmont for resisting arrest for allegedly driving away from an officer who came upon him as he was parked on South Road; for simple assault for allegedly dragging the officer with his car; and for felony reckless conduct for rapidly accelerating while the officer was standing in the partially opened door of Moon's vehicle dragging him. The state contends the car was a deadly weapon.

The officer fired his gun at some point during the altercation, but Belknap County Attorney Melissa Guldbrandsen requested the affidavits regarding the entire Belmont episode be sealed for 90 days while State Police investigate the shooting.

She cited a prior case in which the "qualified right of access to public documents" for a reasonable time to was denied to protect the state's "criminal investigation;" or for an investigation requiring special circumstances to prevent public access.

Guldbrandsen said Moon's attorneys have been given copies of the affidavits but cannot release them. The officer is on paid administrative leave.

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