Not even close - Trump, Sanders carried every town in Belknap County in primary vote


LACONIA — In Tuesday's presidential primary, the voters of Belknap County mimicked their counterparts across the state by endorsing Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders by overwhelming margins.
Trump carried all six wards in the city of Laconia and all 10 towns in Belknap County by wide margins, polling 5,510 votes, or 35.8 percent of all votes cast in the the Republican presidential primary, more than twice as many as the 2,464, or 16 percent, of his nearest rival John Kasich in Tuesday's vote.
Trump's share of the vote in Belknap County was the fourth largest among the 10 counties. He polled 38.9 percent in Rockingham County, 37.9 in Coos County and 37.4 percent in Sullivan County while topping the field in all 10 counties.
In Belknap County, Trump ran strongest in Barnstead with 41.7 percent, , Belmont with 41.6 percent and Gilmanton with 40.3 percent while winning 39.3 percent of the vote in Tilton, 37.9 percent in Alton and Sanbornton, 36.8 percent in New Hampton, 33.8 percent in Gilford, 32.7 percent in Laconia 31.2 percent in Meredith and 31.1 percent in Center Harbor.
Ted Cruz finished third behind Kasich with 2,020 votes while Jeb Bush with 1,741 votes, Marco Rubio with 1,435 votes and Chris Christie with 1,002 votes finished out of the money. No other candidate won 1,000 votes.
In the Democratic presidential primary, Sanders mirrored Trump's sweep, topping Hillary Clinton by convincing margins in every municipality to capture 6,005 votes, or 62.5 percent of the vote, to Clinton's 3,495, or 36.4 of the total. His share of the vote in Belknap County was the seventh highest among the 10 counties. Sanders won 70.3 percent of the vote in Cheshire County, 69.6 percent in Sullivan County, 66.9 percent in Grafton County, 63.8 percent in Strafford County and 63 percent in Carroll County
Sanders took Laconia with 1,339 votes to Clinton's 933, carrying all six wards. In the towns, Sanders' margins were two-to-one or better in Alton, Barnstead, Belmont and Sanbornton.
As of December there were 41,751 registered voters in Belknap County: 15,134 Republicans, 9,209 Democrats and 17,408 independents. A total of 24,889 votes were cast in the primary election, representing a turnout of 59.6 percent. There were 15,391 Republican and 9,598 Democratic ballots cast.

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Shorter sentence? - Lafond asks for one-time 180 day credit (337)


LACONIA — The woman convicted of hitting two teenaged girls with her car in April of 2013 and killing one of them has asked for a one-time credit of 180 days off from one of her sentences.

Amy Lafond, 54, has completed 60 days of a vocational training program, 60 days of a family connections program and a 60-day mental health program while being incarcerated in the New Hampshire Correctional Facility for Women in Goffstown for the death of Lilyanna Johnson and the assault of Allyssa Miner in April of 2013.

Lafond filed her request with the Belknap County Superior Court and the Office of the Belknap County Attorney is expected to reply to her request.

Lafond is petitioning for the one-time sentence reduction based on a recent law, RSA 651-A:22-a, that states the commissioner (of the Department of Correction) shall award a prisoner or recommend that the prisoner receive a one-time reduction of his or her minimum and maximum sentences for completion of the aforementioned programs.

The commissioner has recommended the reduction.

Lafond was sentenced to serve 3 ½ to 7 years in prison for the negligent homicide of Johnson. Once she finishes that sentence, she is scheduled to serve 3 ½ to 7 years, with six months suspended of the minimum, for the second-degree assault to Miner.

She pleaded guilty to both counts in May of 2014. Lafond was driving on Messer Street when she crossed the yellow line, drove up on the sidewalk, and struck the two teens as they were walking home from Laconia Middle School. While police said she had Oxycodone in her system, they were unable to prove she was intoxicated or incapacitated.

Lafond is eligible for parole on the first sentence on March 21, 2017. Should she be granted parole on that date, she begins serving a minimum of three years on the second sentence. At this point in time, said Department of Corrections spokesman Jeff Lyons, her earliest parole date in Sept. 16, 2019. If the court should grant her the 180-day credit, her earliest parole date would be six months earlier.

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Belmont man tries escape from police station after arrest (348)


BELMONT — A Laconia man remains behind bars on $10,000 cash-only bail after trying to flee from the Belmont Police Station just before midnight on Jan. 2.

Police affidavits obtained from the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division said police first made contact with Ryan Streitenberger, 35, of 634 Benton Drive at 9:54 p.m., when an officer saw the car he was driving on Church Street swerve "far" into the oncoming lane.

The officer saw a small plastic bag in the center console and noted that Streitenberger had pinpoint pupils and asked him about any drug use. Affidavits said he replied that he had a problem with heroin abuse and consented to a search.

When the officer found a syringe in Streitenberger's front jacket pocket and several small plastic bags that contained a light-colored powder, he arrested him.

The plate on the car Streitenberger was driving was allegedly altered and didn't belong to the car, so police called for a tow truck. During the inventory search, police allegedly found a handgun on the driver's side floor under a wallet Streitenberger had left there.

Once at the police station, the officer allegedly found a double-sided dagger stuck lengthwise into Streitenberger's belt.

At one point, the officer left Streitenberger in the booking room, who then managed to get out despite the locked door and reached the garage where his car was being held. Affidavits said the officer found Streitenberger leaning into his car.

Streitenberger said he was only looking for cigarettes but the officer said a cell phone and a wallet had been moved, not the pack of cigarettes in the center console.

Once Streitenberger was taken to the Belknap County House of Corrections, a more thorough search found a small plastic bag in his rectum.

Streitenberger is charged with one felony count of escape, one felony count of possession of methamphetamine, one count of falsifying physical evidence for inserting the bag in his rectum, two counts of being a felon in possession of a weapon, and one misdemeanor count of possession of drugs. He also faces two traffic violations.

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