Gilmanton middle schoolers excel at DI regionals

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Gilmanton School's "Spaghetti and the Meatballs" Destination Imagination middle school team included (from left, front row) Natalie Clay, Hale Kutuk, Jaime Waldron and Brady Gardner and (back row) Fawn Kutuk and Judy Wilson. (Courtesy photo)


GILMANTON — The Gilmanton Middle School team in Destination Imagination won their division despite one striking distinction — only one member of the team is an actual middle schooler.
"The others are fourth- and fifth-graders, who are competing with individuals older than they are," explained Judy Wilson, Destination Imagination coordinator for Gilmanton School. "Teams have to compete at the level of their oldest team member."
Hale Kutuk is the seventh-grader and the oldest member. She and teammates excelled at regionals, winning in the middle school division.
"Spaghetti & the Meatballs" includes team members Brady Gardner, Zavien Whitmore, Natalie Clay, Jaime Waldron, Patrick Hamel and Kutuk. Hamel was a team member but he was unable to participate in the Goffstown meet and will not be able to compete at the upcoming state tournament, due to scheduling conflicts, Wilson said.
Team managers are Wilson and Fawn Kutuk.
The team placed first for Show and Tech for Middle School level at the Goffstown Regional DI tournament on March 19. They now advance to the state tournament in Bedford on Saturday, April 1.
"Their team challenge was Show and Tech, where they had to design and build a stage where an Opening Act and Headlining Act would take place," Wilson reported. The stage by rule also had to move a team member, and the challenge also required the inclusion of a "tech effect" in both acts.
Their opening act simulated a television commercial, which stars team member Hale Kutuk, transforming herself into "Lady Gugu." She hails the benefits of their new "Super Sauce Pan," which requires no heat to cook food. For the tech effect, Kutuk uses a team-built catapult to launch the super sauce pan onto a nearby counter.
"Lady Gugu is heavily made up, wears a team-made duct tape dress and accessories, and speaks dramatically and persuasively about the Super Sauce Pan," Wilson reported.
"Now back to your program" signals the start of the headlining act TV show, "Vs. Super Sauce," Wilson said, "where two chefs are competing for bragging rights." Natalie Clay, reigning champion "Chef Super Sauce," goes head to head with rookie Brady Gardner, "Chef Billy Bob," "as they both work feverishly to concoct the best spaghetti and meatball dish ever," Wilson reported.
Two judges, Zavien Whitmore playing "Sir Slides Alot" and Jamie Waldron, playing "Panica Datrick," preside over the cooking competition. "Sir Slides Alot" slides in on the team-designed and constructed "sladder" — a combination slide and ladder, the part of the stage that moves a team member. The team used a found metal frame dolly with a steering wheel attached as the prop for the "Datrick" character, with mock logos.
"The winner of the spaghetti and meatball cooking competition is announced and wins $2, the 'Chef Super Sauce' cape and bragging rights," Wilson noted.
Team managers were impressed with how well the individuals on the team learned how to work as a cooperative group, Wilson noted. They all gained a number of new skills: "construction, using a saw, a power drill, measure twice, cut once, using a glue gun, spray paint, sewing, fashion design with duct tape, and welding." As the teams said, they had to "design, build, cut, weld and 'prop' their way to victory," she reported.
Even ancient history came into play. The motivation behind their "sladder" was their research into how ancient Sumerians used logs to move heavy objects, Wilson reported.
Two of the team meetings were capped off by a team dinner of spaghetti and meatballs, each one made by one of the team managers, Wilson reported.
Destination Imagination is a national academic challenge that emphasizes creativity and curiosity.
The school's two teams, one at the elementary level, "The Fantastic Five," and the second at the middle school level, won in their categories at regional competition in Goffstown on Sunday, March 19. They will advance to a state tournament in Bedford on Saturday, April 1.
A third team from Gilmanton School, for kindergarten through second grade, also competed at regionals, which featured 91 teams and more than 650 students.
For 18 years, the Destination Imagination program — formerly known as Odyssey of the Mind — has challenged students to showcase their technical and creative skills.
In the New Hampshire Destination Imagination competition, Lakes Region teams to advance to state included Gilmanton School's elementary team, The Fantastic Five, and the middle school team, Spaghetti and the Meatballs; Laconia Middle School, Project EXTRA; Moultonborough Central School, Big Brain Boys and Acting Genius; and Shaker Regional, Omega. For full results of regionals, visit

Help wanted to celebrate Fourth of July


LACONIA — The Parks and Recreation Department is seeking an organizer for the annual Fourth of July parade.

Amy Lovisek, assistant director of the department, explained that in the past, the department has partnered with the volunteers of the Laconia Fourth of July Committee to oversee the parade and festivities at Opechee Park. However, as the number of volunteers has dwindled, responsibility for the parade has fallen onto the Parks and Recreation Department.

Lovisek said that between managing the large crowds at Weirs Beach and staging the celebration at Opechee Park, as well as overseeing several other beaches, the personnel and resources of the department are stretched too thin to continue bearing responsibility for the parade.

"We just can't be in all the different places at the same time during what, for us, is the busiest day of the summer," she said. "Ideally a civic organization, or group of organizations, will be willing to stage the parade with direction and assistance from the department."

She said that the city can provide a roster of those who have taken part in past parades, along with suggestions for recruiting new participants.

"We will be happy to do what we can to assist, particularly during the first year," Lovisek said.

She encouraged anyone or any group interested in assuming responsibility to contact her at the Parks and Recreation Department at 524-5046.

Controversial county budget survives as reconsideration effort fails

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Just a few of the nearly 60 citizens who were at the county complex Tuesday night in hopes that the Belknap County Delegation would reconsider the county budget and restore funding to county departments and social and civic agencies. Their hopes were dashed when the delegation failed to muster a quorum and could not conduct business. See story page 7. (Michael Kitch/Laconia Daily Sun)



LACONIA — Failing to muster a quorum on Tuesday night, dissident members of the Belknap County Delegation seeking to reconsider the 2017 county budget were unable to conduct business, ensuring that the controversial budget adopted by a nine-to-six vote earlier this month will take effect at midnight on Friday.

A crowd of more 60 filled the seats and lined the walls of the meeting room, in the expectation that at least nine members would attend the meeting, elect a chairman pro-tem and proceed to reconsider the budget. Many represented local nonprofit agencies that provide social, economic, mental health, substance abuse and environmental services to the county and rely on the county for a share of their operating budgets.

The meeting, which was scheduled in February, was cancelled by Rep. Herb Vadney (R-Meredith) on Friday evening in an effort to forestall attempts to restore funding stripped from the budgets of the Sheriff's Department, Corrections Department and contingency account as well as to address revenues from sources other than property taxes included in the budget by unlike to be forthcoming.

Six of the 17 members of the delegation were present: Reps. Tim Lang (R-Sanbornton), Peter Spanos (R-Laconia), Don Flanders (R-Laconia), Dennis Fields (R-Sanbornton), Valerie Fraser (R-New Hampton) and Dave Huot (D-Laconia) They were joined by the three County Commissioners — Dave DeVoy, the chairman of the commission, Hunter Taylor and Glen Waring.

Apart from Vadney, the other absentees, all Republicans, were Reps. Marc Abear of Meredith, Glen Aldrich and Norm Silber of Gilford, Jon Plumer and Michael Sylvia of Belmont, Michael Maloney of Gilmanton, Ray Howard and Peter Varney of Alton, Robert Fisher of Laconia and Barbara Comtois of Barnstead. Several members of the delegation reported that Vadney, after canceling the meeting, dissuaded their colleagues from responding to appeals to attend and encouraged them to stay away.
A full report of what did take place will appear in tomorrow's edition of The Laconia Daily Sun.

03-28 annoyed crowd at county meeting

People crowded the meeting room at the county complex Tuesday evening, but there was no quorum, forcing the reconsideration of the Belknap County budget to fail.
(Michael Kitch/Laconia Daily Sun)