Plea bargain results in 12 month sentence for sexual assault on child

TILTON — A local man who police learned was sexually abusing two minor children pleaded guilty on May 4 to one count of aggravated felonious sexual assault and one count of endangering the welfare of a child.

Police Chief Robert Cormier said detectives were notified on November 17, 2014 by the Division of Children, Families, and Youth (DCYF) about the alleged abuse being perpetrated by Eric Sellar.

After getting search warrants approved by the court, detectives went to Primrose Drive and seized several items, including electronic evidence.

Police also interviewed the two minor children and learned the assaults took place between January and November of 2014.

Sellar was arrested and pleaded guilty.

Cormier said he is serving 12 months in the Belknap County House of Corrections. Seller was also sentenced to 3 1/2 to 7 years in the N.H. State Prison for Men, all of which was suspended pending good behavior for 10 years. After his release from Belknap County, he will be on probation for five years.

Rx robbed Wolfeboro; same pill for sale in Alton

ALTON/WOLFEBORO — A Melvin Village man is facing multiple charges for allegedly robbing a Rite Aid in Wolfeboro of oxycodone and then going to a restaurant in Alton and attempting to sell the pills to random customers.

Wolfeboro Police Chief Stuart Chase said yesterday the Rite Aid was robbed Monday at 4:30 p.m. by an unknown man.

Before the man, later identified by Alton Police as Steven Robinson, was caught allegedly trying to sell oxycodone to random people in Alton, Wolfeboro Police did not know who they were seeking.

Chase said that after meeting with Alton Police, coupled with evidence obtained by them, some information obtained from the Rite Aid store, and utterances made to Alton Police, he was fairly confident that Robinson was the man his department was seeking.

Chase said Robinson allegedly went to the "busy, South Main Street store" and handed a note to staff demanding specific drugs. No weapon was displayed but the note said Robinson was carrying one.

Police from N.H. State Police, the Carroll County Sheriff's Department, Tuftonboro Police and officer from the N.H. Department of Fish and Game assisted Wolfeboro in an area search that lasted about two hours.

Chase said the store was closed for several hours. There were no injuries and he said it appeared that few people realized there had been a robbery.

At 7 p.m. Sgt. Scott Moore and Chase went to the Alton Police Department after being told that Alton Police had Robinson in custody and that he was likely involved in the robbery. Robinson had not been officially charged with robbery at press time yesterday.

According to affidavits obtained from the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division, Alton Sgt. Todd Orbino responded to the Hannaford Supermarket for a report of a man trying to sell oxycodone to customers.

Initially Robinson told Orbino he was just going shopping, but Orbino noticed a bulge in his left front pants pocket.
When asked, Robinson told Orbino it was Tylenol and when Orbino asked to see it, Robinson allegedly gave it to him. When Orbino asked him what was in it, Robinson said Tylenol but when he was challenged he allegedly admitted it was oxycodone and that he didn't have a prescription. He gave Orbino permission to open it.

He told Orbino that he was attempting to sell the drugs to buy food.

After being placed in custody, Orbino cataloged the pills and found them consistent with what the Wolfeboro Police had told him.

When Chase and Moore from Wolfeboro arrived, Robinson allegedly confessed to robbing the store and completed a written statement.

"We are reasonably satisfied that this was a desperate act of a (self-proclaimed) drug addict who acted alone," said Chief Chase.

He also allegedly admitted to being a drug addict and of making bad choices.

Alton Police complaints show Robinson is charged with two counts of possession of oxycodone — one with intent to sell — and one count of receiving stolen property. He is alleged to have had 294 pills — 139 pills of 15 milligrams, 137 pills of 30 milligrams, and 18 pills of 5 milligrams.

After his appearance in Laconia Court today, Robinson is being held on $7,500 cash-only bail at the Belknap County House of Corrections.

As the Wolfeboro Police finalize their paperwork and arrest complaints, Alton Prosecutor Anthony Estee said ultimately it will be the Carroll County and Belknap County prosecutors who decide which county will hear the cases. He said in some instances, each county can try each of their separate cases or they can combined them in what is called a global resolution should their be a plea bargain rather than a trial.

Interim school superintendent will be part-time

LACONIA — The Laconia School Board is considering two candidates to serve as interim superintendent of SAU 30 and is looking to make a decision by June 12.
The members of a committee conducting the search discussed the candidates in a closed door session with Dr. Kenneth DeBenedictis of the New England School Development Council (NESDC), the firm the board chose to help it search for an interim superintendent who will serve until July 1, 2016.
DeBenedictis said that he has talked with the candidates, both of whom are retired school superintendents currently serving as interim superintendents in other districts. He urged the committee to move as soon as possible in order to get the best qualified candidate.
School Board Chairman Joe Cornier asked how many hours a week an interim superintendent would work and DeBenedictis said most likely 32. Business Administrator Ed Emend said that it might be only 29 hours a week so that the person wouldn't be considered a full-time employee. DeBenedictis said that the candidates would provide their own health insurance.

He recommended that the employment contract with the interim superintendent be based on a hourly rate, rather than per day, which would provide more flexibility.
Committee member Scott Vachon wondered who would be in charge of decision making if the interim superintendent had worked all of his alloted hours during a week and Emond said that adjustments could be made in the following week's work schedule to take that into account.
DeBenedictis stressed the importance of establishing a protocol from the very beginning in order to delineate responsibilities.
Vachon said that it was important that the person chosen recognize that this is not the time for new initiatives and that the main objective over the next year would be to maintain what the district already has in place.
The search committee, which also includes School Board member Stacie Sirois, will interview prospective candidates and make a recommendation to the full board, which will make the final decision.
The committee also discussed with DeBenedictis the timeline for the search for a permanent replacement for Terri Forsten, who has accepted the superintendent's job with the Concord School District and whose last day in Laconia will be June 30.
As the board begins its search for a permanent replacement, Cormier said an expanded committee will be formed that will consist of board members, staff, administrators and members of the community.
The search for a permanent superintendent will begin in September with a decision expected by the end of the year or early in 2016.