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Tilton police send out alert regarding Green Dot Money Pak Card scam

TILTON — Police here are warning residents of a scam involving Green Dot MoneyPak Card and callers who purport to be a loan company.

In a media release sent yesterday, Police Chief Robert Cormier said one local victim was told that she had been approved for a loan from a company called Loans of America for $3,000 but needed to put the initial payment of $278 on a Green Dot MoneyPak card so the company could verify that at lest the first payment could be made.

Once the card was purchased, the victim was told to call the company at a specific phone number and give the person who answered the PIN number of the back so they could verify the number.

Cormier said the caller told the victim that no money would be taken from the card and once they could verify the card amount, $3,000 would be deposited into her bank account.

Police said Green Dot MoneyPak card can be purchased in nearly 50,000 retail store throughout the country. According to their Website MoneyPak is a way to send money to where you need it. They are commonly used to make Internet purchases.

Anyone who believes they have been victims of this scam are asked to call their local police department.

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New Huot Center program to focus on hospitality & tourism administration

LACONIA — A program specializing in Hospitality and Tourism Administration is in the works for the Huot Regional Technical Educaiton Center, said Director Dave Warrender at last night's School Board meeting.

Warrender said he has been working with community partners about developing the new program and is working to get approval from the State Department of Education.

The Law Enforcement Program is close to gaining state approval, he said, and although it is one one class offered for one semester this school year, with approval it will expand to two classes — one in each semesters.

This is Warrender's first year as Huot Center director and last night was the first time he had made any presentations to the full board. Along with getting the existing program ready, he said he is examining other possible programs for the future including Fire/EMT and welding.

With school scheduled to begin on August 27, the Huot Center has 568 students enrolled — up from 420 students last year.

Of those, about one half are from Laconia while Belmont, Gilford, Inter-Lakes Regional School District, Winnisquam Regional School District and Franklin — in that order of enrollment percentage — comprise the balance.

Automotive is the most popular program with Health, Mechanical Engineering and Multimedia coming in at two, three and four.

He said interest in the Law Enforcement, Pre-Technical, and Bio-Technical programs are growing but for this year they'll only be offered for one semester.

New classes include Medical Billing and Coding and Warrender said it was practically full within days of the center telling students and parents about it.

"I have 24 students in a class designed for 20," Warrender said.

In other business, the board approved filling the Court Liaison position and a Behavioral Specialist at the high school. Both are being filled using money transfers from other line times including savings from teacher retirements from the entire district and savings in special education.
Superintendent Teri Forsten said the district added one kindergarten class to Woodland Heights Elementary School, bringing the total number of kindergarten classes to eight.

She said the class sizes at Woodland Heights average 16 to 17 students while the Elm Street School kindergarten classes average 22 students per class. She said parents with children at Elm Street who would like to transfer their children to Woodland Heights should contact the school district.

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ZBA grants variance so 2-unit apartment building can be constructed overlooking Weirs yacht club

LACONIA — The Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) this week granted a zoning variance that will permit Richard Mailloux, the owner and operator of the Akwa Marina Yacht Club doing business as Brick House, LLC, to construct a residential building with two units alongside an existing residence overlooking the Weirs marina.

The 0.32-acre (14,077) lot lies in the commercial resort zone where six units per acre are allowed and the three units proposed — the two new units and the existing home — would require half-an-acre (21,780). The project required a variance from the density requirement.

Before the Maillouxs acquired the property the previous owner had poured a foundation, 50 feet by 28 feet adjacent to the brick residence, which plans depicted as intended for an addition. A review of records in the Planning Department determined that in 2003 the Planning Board approved plans for an addition to house a commercial use, and the Code Enforcement Officer granted a building permit, but the project was never completed. In light of the prior approvals, the ZBA granted the approvals.

The Maillouxs told the board that they intend to construct a building of 7,0000square-feet to a heigh of 35 feet, the maximum permitted, resembling a barn. John Gentile and Mike Ames, whose homes abut the property on the other side of upper Lakeside Avenue objected to the dimensions of the building, which they would obscure their views of the lake and diminish the value of their properties.

However, Planning Director Shanna Saunders explained that without easements safeguarding their views, Maillouxs were entitled to build to the permitted dimensions. The variance, she said pertained only to the number of units. she said that had they chose to simply expand the existing brick residence, a variance would not have been required.

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Selectmen pondering ways to keep Belmont Village cleaned up

BELMONT — The sidewalks are painted, the road is fresh, the Veteran's Memorial with its gardens are in bloom in front of the library, and, aside from a few last-minute touches, the village district has never looked so good — and selectmen want to keep it that way.

For them, keeping the area free of garbage and unregistered cars is a top priority and Monday night they discussed with Town Planner Candace Daigle the possibility designating the village area as some kind of "overlay" or historic district to keep it clean.

Selectboard Chair Ron Cormier said "step 1" could be some kind of alteration solid waste ordinance to address the rubbish and how it is handled.

"I'm concerned about garbage not making it to the road," Cormier said.

Town Administrator Jeanne Beaudin said the town already has a solid waste ordinance and enforcement is the key. Daigle noted that any changes to the solid waste ordinance would have to be applied equally throughout town.

"We can't limit to the village," Mooney said.

"Not unless you have issues in the district that are different (from the rest of town), Daigle said.

Selectman Ruth Mooney said she agrees with Cormier that any proposed solution can't be too cumbersome but said the town's goal should be to keep the village center area looking tidy and clean.

What selectmen don't want is any kind of strict overlay historical or village district where the color of the houses are regulated or windows have to be double-paned.

"We just want buildings in an acceptable state of repair," Cormier said.

"We're just trying to clean it up," said Selectman Jon Pike who said he is frustrated by what he sees as people not wanting to keep the village looking neat.

Daigle explained that to create a "village district" there must be something specific to Belmont Village that doesn't necessarily apply to the rest of the town. She said there is such a thing as zoning or an overlay district that could address specific characteristics but the village as it is, is not now a legal designation.

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