Chapin Terrace rises to top of street reconstruction list

LACONIA — After going without repairs or improvements for several decades, Chapin Terrace, a residential street which runs along the eastern shore of Lake Opechee in Lakeport, will be entirely reconstructed this year.

Paul Moynihan, Director of Public Works, said yesterday that work is scheduled to begin in the next week or ten days and be completed in September.

Chapin Terrace begins at the junction of School Street and Franklin Street then bends to parallel Franklin Street before coming to an end where an unimproved track connects to Franklin Street at the foot of Bell Street. Chapin Terrace is approximately a half-mile long and lined on either side by 21 homes.

Moynihan said that the Laconia Water Works will begin improvements by installing a new water main, a project expected to be finished in three weeks. The Busby Construction Company, Inc. will then make improvements to the stormwater drainage system and completely rebuild the roadway.

The project is estimated to cost approximately $305,000, with the rebuilding of the road representing about half the total and the water main costing $80,000 and the drainage improvements $70,000. Moynihan noted that the sanitary sewer system, together with a pump station, on Chapin Terrace were built in 1988 and remain in "very good condition."

Rick Woodward has lived on Chapin Terrace his entire life, since his father built what was then the third home on the street in 1949. "This road was dirt until they put the sewer in when they tarred the road." He said he could not recall any improvements in the past 30 years or more. Woodward said that he has spoken to city officials about the condition of the road and was pleased to learn that it will be reconstructed. "They walked around today putting notices on the doors that we'd be on a temporary water supply," he said.

Chapin Terrace is among 26 miles of the 82 miles of paved roadway in the city rated in "fair" to "poor" condition.

Moynihan said that the unpaved track at the north end of Chapin Terrace is a not "an approved city roadway" and will not be improved. He said that there are no residences on the track, but it is used to return to Franklin Street when plowing and sanding Chapin Terrace.

Woodward said that the track is a public right-of-way, recalling that the issue was settled some years ago. "The snow plows use it, dump trucks use it and the trash trucks use it," he said.

Belknap jail planners told $7M community corrections project looks doable

LACONIA — The Belknap County Jail Planning Committee heard from SMP Architecture Project Manager Anthony Mento Thursday morning that the community corrections project is ''moving towards our goal'' of providing a design which will meet the $7 million limit set by County Commission Chairman Dave DeVoy (R-Sanbornton) for the project.
SMP presented conceptual plan updates for the project to the committee, which includes DeVoy, County Administrator Deb Shackett, County Corrections Interim Superintendent Keith Gray and County Facilities Manager Dustin Muzzey.
Mento noted that SMP had reduced the preliminary square footage estimate from 27,000 to 17,000-square-feet, numbers which do not yet reflect wall and corridor space.
The committee heard from Mark Vincello of WV Engineering on the mechanical and electrical changes which will need to be incorporated into the plan for the 64-bed facility as well as renovations to a portion of the existing facility, which will, continue to house 30 to 40 inmates being held in pre-trial detention.
He recommended adding a third 400,000 btu boiler to heat the new facility and said that electrical capability will have to be doubled. A conceptual plan for the proposed facility shows the existing jail and the new 64-bed correction facility sharing a "sally port" (secure drive-in) on the north side.
Public access to the corrections facility would be through a south-facing covered entry which would be reached from a parking lot located off from the current driveway to the Belknap County complex. The proposed site plan also contains a separate entry road into the county complex for service vehicles only, near Lexington Drive, which would separate public traffic from service vehicles for a better traffic flow.
Vincello said that improved air flow into the existing facility will help eliminate some of the mold and mildew problems it currently has and that all of the ducts providing outside air to the old facility will be cleaned.
As part of the project some of the rooms in the old jail which are being vacated will be repurposed while some areas, where rehabilitation costs would be prohibitive, will no longer be used.
The conceptual plan includes bringing daylight into the new facility by having raised clerestory roofs above corridors throughout, as well as having a raised pitched roof with skylights over the entryway area. The new facility will be a one-story wood-frame structure.
DeVoy said that preliminary cost estimates which will be presented to fellow commissioners later this month will be based on $300-per-square foot figure.
Ross Cunningham of Alternative Solutions Associates, Inc., a consulting firm hired by the county to develop a plan for a community corrections facility and programs, said he was impressed by the SMP conceptual design and the work that had gone into putting all of the elements for the facility into a workable design.
DeVoy said that one of the key questions his fellow commissioners will be asking is about staffing the new facility and asked Cunningham to be prepared to answer those questions when the committee meets with the commissioners.
The design project has an August 21 completion target date.

Erickson hosting a 2nd 'Coffee With The Fire Chief' on Tuesday

LACONIA — Fire Chief Ken Erickson and Deputy Fire Chief Shawn Reilly will host a "Coffee with the Chiefs" session on Tuesday at My Coffee House at 9 a.m.

Erickson said there is no set agenda however he will discuss replacing the SAFER grant money that would allow the city to continue to have nine firefighters — six at Central Station and three at the Weirs Station — on duty at all times.

In addition, Reilly is the link between Lakes Region General Hospital and the Fire Department and is the department spokes person for Emergency Management Response and drug addiction issues.

Erickson will also have plans on hand for the Central Fire Station expansion project.

My Coffee House is located at the intersection of Court and Academy Streets, across from the Belknap County Superior Court House.