Police fish 18-year-old 'runner out of Winni River

LACONIA — A young city woman who was wanted on an outstanding bench warrant for criminal threatening allegedly tried to hide from police Sunday evening by going into the Winnipesaukee River.

Briana D'Amore, 18, whose last known address was 192 Union Avenue, allegedly ran from a police officer around 6 p.m. when he saw her on the corner of Union Avenue and High Street and tried to hide by going into the river and crawling up on a platform under the Main Street Bridge.

The platform was built by construction crews that are working on the bridge reconstruction project.

For about an hour crews from both the Police Department and the Fire Department searched for D'Amore and at one point thought she was in the river.

People lined both sides of the river on the Stewart Park and Rotary Park sides to see what was happening.

Firefighters used their mobile rescue boat and headed up the Winnipesaukee River. Joining them in the boat was Laconia Police Officer Richard Carlson.

Coming down the river was a small fishing boat whose occupants to told to get out of the river and moor their boat while police were trying to convince D'Amore to surrender and come with them.

Carlson and firefighters were able to pull her into their boat without capsizing it and she was brought to shore to two waiting police officer near the pathway to the kayak launching spot in Rotary Park.

D'Amore, who was dripping wet and shivering, was escorted, in handcuffs, by two officers to a waiting ambulance. She was bundled in warm blankets and taken to Lakes Region General Hospital for evaluation for hypothermia.

Police said she will be charged with two counts of resisting arrest. She has not yet been scheduled to appear in court.

D'Amore was clearly distraught and told arresting officers that they wouldn't be arresting her if they had gone through what she had gone through.


CUTLINE: (Driana D'Amore) A Laconia firefighter and a police officer bring a local woman into the rescue boat last night after she ran from police and tried to hide under the Main Street Bridge. Two men in a fishing boat were told to temporarily moor so as not to interfere with rescue crews.

CUTLINE: ( Driana D'Amore) Two Laconia police officers escort Briana D'Amore up the kayak access on Beacon Street East to a waiting ambulance where she was evaluated.

Belmont brush fire claims about 2 acres

CUTLINE — Rte. 106 in Gilmanton/Belmont was closed for about an hour around noon yesterday afternoon as crews from the two town's fire departments battled a fast-moving brush fire on the west side of the road. About two acres were burned. Central New Hampshire has been plagued with brush fires in the past two weeks including one that charred a section of Mile Hill Road Sunday afternoon. At press time local crews were fighting a two-alarm bush fire in Canterbury as well as one in Sanbornton. (Laconia Daily Sun Photo - Gail Ober)

Gilmanton standoff started with dispute over furnace repair

GILMANTON — An Indianhead Lane man who allegedly threatened a heating contractor was arrested Friday night with the assistance of the Belknap Regional Special Operations Group.

Police said they knew Glenn Bates, 54, had some issues and considered going to his home to serve a warrant for harassment a "high risk" so the SWAT team was called to assist.

Bates refused to exit so tear gas was used to make him come out of the house.

According to police affidavits obtained from the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division, Bates allegedly went to the town welfare office and was being helped by the town and a local contractor with a faulty furnace that was installed in his home. It is not known if the contractor had anything to do with the furnace installation.

At some point over the winter, the contractor allegedly purchased one space heater for Bates at Home Depot for $50. Bates told him that one wasn't enough and the contractor bought three more. Bates paid for all four and the contractor only assisted him with procuring them.

Bates allegedly called the contractor recently and told him to come and get the heaters as they weren't needed anymore. The contractor allegedly paid Bates $200 and he alleges Bates kept the money and wouldn't give him the heaters.

Around 10 a.m. on Friday, the contractor got a voice message threatening him, saying in part that he didn't like him and that he didn't ever want to see him in Gilmanton again. Bates allegedly identified himself as "Satan" and told the contractor that he "was going to make (the contractor's) phone stop ringing and I'm going to make (the contractor) go broke overnight."

"Satan says stay out of Gilmanton you little punk," Bates is alleged to have said.

A local police officer, who knows Bates, recognized his phone number and tried to call him but Bates refused to talk with him and said he would only speak to the chief.

At 2:54 p.m., Bates came to the police station and told his story to Chief Joe Collins but said the contractor tried to give him $150 to buy the heaters and that Bates thought it was a crime that the contractor didn't install a heating system. He filed a police report to that effect.

Bates allegedly left a second threatening phone call at 6:04 p.m. on the contractor's phone, this time telling him he had about 25 friends who wanted to have a phone conversation with him. He accused the contractor of "ripping him off" for the heating system.

At 7:05 p.m. Bates allegedly made a third phone call to the contractor telling him he wants a brand-new heating system installed in 48 hours or he was going to make him go out of business.

He is charged with two counts of harassment, theft by deception, filing a false police report, and felony tampering with a witness or informant.

In court yesterday, Bates appeared by video and was still clearly agitated. He continued to say that the contractor lied about him. Judge Jim Carroll tried to tell him not to talk and to let his lawyer, John Bresaw, do the talking for him.

While Carroll was reading the affidavits, Bates could be heard trying to make his case to the sheriff who was guarding him in the video room at the Belknap County House of Corrections.

Gilmanton Police Prosecutor Dave Estes asked for $3,000 cash bail and Bresaw didn't make any argument yesterday although he retained the right to argue bail conditions at another date.

Bresaw said that the felony witness tampering charge was unsubstantiated and asked, to no avail, that Carroll dismiss the charge.

The Laconia Daily Sun has learned that in 2012 Bates was charged with one count of threatening retaliation against a federal employee.

According to federal case 12-CR-082-01, a federal judge determined Bates was, at the time, mentally incapacitated and not competent to assist in his own defense. He was placed in a secured facility for treatment and remains under the supervision of U.S. Federal Department of Probation.